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Little Blue Hat


Oh, if only I had more time for …  fill in the blank.  Is everyone saying that or is it just me?  I feel like I could put a million things in that blank.  Today it’s knitting.  Because if I had more time for knitting then I wouldn’t be admitting that this is the first hat I’ve knitted for Baby T.  Otherwise she’s been wearing handmedowns.  Lucky gal / poor gal destined to always wear handmedowns.  Lucky because who doesn’t love handmedowns?  Poor because so many of our handmedowns are pink or red and to be honest, hot pink is not sister’s best color.  Poor gal, amen?  Therefore, I chose blue.  She looks positively Frilling in blue.

(She has these dark blue eyes.  The color is hard for me to catch in photos because the blue is so deep.  We think they’re here to stay.)

This sweet hat has a fun basketweave design.  It’s the “Flower Pot” hat from Itty Bitty Hats (which I’m forever knitting from); I just left all the flowers off.  Instead I embellished it with one large crochet flower. I like cotton yarn for baby hats – it doesn’t itch like icky acrylic (yep, yarn snob, that’s me) and isn’t too warm (or itchy for that matter) for Texas like some wools.

Old Made New: DIY last minute baby gift – hand stamped leggings


As promised yesterday, here is another post and a totally frilling gift idea from Stephanie of Teal Annie. Thanks so much for your contributions, Stephanie! We hope to see many more “Old Made New” posts in the future! You FRILL us! 

If you are needing a last minute baby gift and really want it to have a special handmade touch, this little DIY is perfect for that special little stylish one in your life. It is pretty quick and very affordable as well.

Original inspiration from the lovely Katie over at Lemon Jitters with her DIY for patterned heart tights.

Supplies Needed:

  • baby leggings (I bought these from Old Navy)
  • scissors
  • small piece of cardboard
  • craft paint
  • wine cork
  • hot glue gun

1. Cut a small triangle out of the cardboard.

2. Using hot glue, attach the cardboard triangle to the wine cork creating a stamp.

3. Lay the leggings flat and stamp the triangle in the pattern of your choice.

4. Let dry and stamp the back if desired. Then, give as gifts!

Toddler Girls’ Fall Roundup


It’s Back-to-School time!  At this point Little B has outgrown ALL of her shoes and most of her summer clothes (think: baby belly button hanging out of the bottom of her t-shirts – adorable but frowned-upon.), so I’m looking around at toddler clothes. I’m picky about kids clothes; I don’t do logos, cartoon-characters, cheesy-sayings, bows, or smocking, among other things which for me all fall under the heading of “Foof”. No offense if you love Foof; lots of folks do.  Foof is just not my style.  The occasional ruffle is about as far as I can personally go.  Pretty much my soft rule is: if I wouldn’t wear a grownup version of it, I’m not buying it for my girls (with the exception of onesies, of course).

My go-to place for Foof-free kids clothes is Baby Gap.  Except I go to Baby Gap outlet, where prices are half of what’s in the regular stores.  The collections are last-season, which doesn’t bother me a bit. Plus, they always have rockin’ sales at the outlets. (Speaking of which, yesterday I snagged a few things for B from the 50% off table at the outlet.  I’ll have to photograph them, because they aren’t sold online.) But I still like to look at the latest things coming out this season, if for nothing else but inspiration.

Like this little 60′s inspired ponte knit dress with buttons. Oh, I die.

So glad brightly-colored jeans are finally coming into the toddler collections.  I looked for them last year.  Can’t wait to grab a pair (on sale) for B.  A gal’s gotta have some skinnies!

And oh-my-goodness, a chambray shirt for tots (see, I can stand the occasional well-placed ruffle)!  Bet I won’t find one of these at an outlet store…

This boot is from last season, so of course I found it in the Stride Rite outlet store, and of course I availed myself of the buy-one-get-one-half-off sale going on right now.  I grabbed them in a half-size up, thinking it will be a month or two before it cools down enough here in Texas for B to wear boots.  But, geez, won’t they be cute with bright skinnies?

These printed tights may have to come live with us for the winter…

…because wouldn’t they be cute under a corduroy skirt, or better yet a leopard-print corduroy skirt?


Mamas of adorable little boys: I would say that I will do a boy’s roundup.  But I just discovered that today’s post over at Ain’t No Mom Jeans is none other than a boys’ roundup!

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Handmade Toddler Outfit


My mom recently sewed this little number up for Little B.  I picked out the fabrics, she picked out the pattern.  B was in the mood for sticking out her tongue that day.

It’s very difficult to get good photos of a busy 18-month-old.  At least for a novice photographer like me.  I literally had to take 50 shots to get these six.  You never know what facial expression you’re gonna get.

(Nobody mess with my crayons…)

(outfit: Handmade by Melinda / shoes: Livie and Luca, also seen here)

Hope your weekend is FRILLING!

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The Cutest Kids Shoe Store Ever


KidoShoe is the cutest kids shoe store I have ever been to.  I was so impressed with their styles and selection.  Next fall I will skip Stride Rite and go straight to KidoShoe.   Crazy Cute, super stylish, lots of European brands and brands I’d never hear of, lots of shoes I wish came in my size.  We had to come home with these irresistible little sandals by Livie and Luca.

(Chase me, Papa!)

(skirt: BabyGap outlet / tank: Old Navy / cardigan: Old Navy / sandals: Livie and Luca)

Yep, I pretty much die of cuteness every day.


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Spring has sprung


Happy Sunday friends! We are spending the day with family, being lazy and enjoying lots of always welcome rain. Last year in Texas was awful in terms of rain. It felt like we had a whole year of nothing. So we are all really happy about the amount we have gotten so far this year. Spring has really sprung at my house! Check it out:

I hope you all are having as lovely of a weekend as I am!

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Inspiring Workspaces


A dear friend of mine (Hi Kate!) sent me an email the other day, with this question:

“what do you think is the latest in the design world?  we’re ready to turn our den into a home office but I’m trying to figure out what design trends i should do- gray, white, and citrus lime?  chevron print?  West Elm ish?”

She and her hubby are the spunky, do-it-yourself creative types, and their home is always bright and joyful and creative and evolving.   Well, I’m no expert designer, but I can tell you what I like and what I’m seeing around the blogs.

a) Fresh and Neutral

(Martha Stewart via Apartment Therapy)

I think you can’t go wrong with a neutral, well-organized workspace with a few inspiring pops of color, and some natural (the seagrass lanterns) or vintage (the vintage artwork) elements .  In this case, a fabric-covered bulletin board provides a color burst plus organizational functionality.  They’re  incorporating pieces of Ikea and West Elm here.  Click the photo for more details on the space.

b) Graphic, but not distracting

(Apartment Therapy)

I think a workspace should be clean and bright and well-lit.  Here the designers kept a primarily neutral color scheme, but added graphic and colorful touches.  I especially like the bold striped rug next to the demure chintz ottomans.  Plus some colorful graphic artwork, along with well-organized shelving.

c) Whiteboard Paint

(Design Sponge)

My mom did a wall of their pool house in whiteboard paint, and ever since she did, I’ve been stewing on all the great places this idea could be put to use.  A home workspace is perfect.   Reminders, phone numbers, calendar of events; the possibilities for functionality in an office are endless.  Bye bye Post-its, hello whiteboard wall.

d) Industrial Task Lighting

(dos family via SFGirlbyBay)

Did I mention that a workspace should be bright and well-lit?  Industrial light fixtures make it happen and add clean-lined design interest.  Check out more images here.

e) A Gallery Wall

(The Design Files via SFGirlbyBay)

A workspace is a great place for a well-executed gallery wall, although I am seeing them cropping up everywhere.  In the case of an office, I’d keep it cohesive and light, like this example.  The frames and mats are light in color and the images are a mix of graphic and colorful.

With regards to chevron print: yes, I love it.  It’s bold and graphic and gorgeous.  But, like ikat prints, I’m seeing them everywhere, and I wondering if they are on the verge of being overdone.  I still love them, but I think there will be a new pattern trend coming down the pipeline soon. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for what.  Meanwhile, I hope these ideas are inspiring.

What do you think of these ideas?  Did I miss a trend you’re really loving on?


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A Lovely Easter


We had a truly lovely Easter day, with church, egg-hunting, Easter-frock-wearing, lunch with friends and family, and some fun sprinkler playing in the warm afternoon.   Plus, I have a new camera lens, with which I am enthralled.  So I can’t help but share a few photos from our day (and B’s adorable frock).

(B’s dress: BabyGap / B’s sandals: Payless)

Hope your Easter was equally nice.


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Swimsuits for Toddler girls…so cute!


Y’all, I cannot get over how cute little girls’ swimwear is this season.  Cute and affordable!  We will be swimming a lot this summer (actually we’ve already started), so I’ve started stocking up on sunscreen, floaties, and swimwear.   Just look at this adorable suit I picked up for B at Target.

But this striped/dotted number was nearly irresistible…

The selections from Old Navy are pretty cute too…

(a baby bikini!  I die!…)


I’ve also been hunting for the best kids sunscreens with the cleanest ingredients.  Unfortunately I was duped by Neutrogena’s Pure & Free Baby Sunblock lotion spf 60, which gets an overall low rating from GoodGuide due to an ingredient known to cause immunotoxicity.  Don’t make the same mistake as me; do your research first.

I did better with my California Baby sunblock stick, California Baby Sunblock Lotion, and All Terrain KidSport Spray spf 30, both of which get a green light from the Environmental Working Group.

(swimsuit: Target / water shoes: Stride Rite /  hat: Zutano)


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Easter Basket Brainstorming


Lately I’ve been brainstorming a few things I’d like to get or make to put in Little B’s Easter basket this year from her Mama and Papa.  I’m looking for things that are a little creative, unexpected, handmade, and candy-free (Little B is only 16 months old and her Nutritionist-Mama doesn’t give her sugar yet).  Here are a few things I thought of.   For a complete list, check out my board.

Charley Harper Memory Game

B isn’t quite old enough to actually play the game yet, but she’ll love the colorful images and cards.

Crocheted Bunny Peeps!

These would be fun to play with.  And quick to crochet up.  You can find patterns online.

Fun popsicle molds!

We are really in to making homemade popsicles now that the weather is warming up.  It’s easy to make delicious frozen treats out of healthy, organic ingredients.  Here’s a recipe Little B likes (until she gets a brain freeze and cries):

Creamy Pina Colada Yogurt Pops

8 oz plain goat’s milk yogurt (or other yogurt if you prefer)
3/4 cup frozen pineapple
1 ripe banana
3-4 tablespoons apple or pear juice

Blend in a blender until smooth and creamy.  Freeze in popsicle molds for several hours, preferably overnight. 


I’m having a little trouble deciding what kind of basket to get.  I know I want it to be pretty, handmade, and useful.  I’m thinking of going with one of my favorite Ghanian baskets in bright colors, which are collapsible and washable (just hose ‘em down) and very durable.  And maybe decorating it with ribbons?  Still brainstorming…


Got any creative ideas planned for your little one’s basket?  Share!

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