Old Made New: DIY last minute baby gift – hand stamped leggings


As promised yesterday, here is another post and a totally frilling gift idea from Stephanie of Teal Annie. Thanks so much for your contributions, Stephanie! We hope to see many more “Old Made New” posts in the future! You FRILL us! 

If you are needing a last minute baby gift and really want it to have a special handmade touch, this little DIY is perfect for that special little stylish one in your life. It is pretty quick and very affordable as well.

Original inspiration from the lovely Katie over at Lemon Jitters with her DIY for patterned heart tights.

Supplies Needed:

  • baby leggings (I bought these from Old Navy)
  • scissors
  • small piece of cardboard
  • craft paint
  • wine cork
  • hot glue gun

1. Cut a small triangle out of the cardboard.

2. Using hot glue, attach the cardboard triangle to the wine cork creating a stamp.

3. Lay the leggings flat and stamp the triangle in the pattern of your choice.

4. Let dry and stamp the back if desired. Then, give as gifts!

My first pieced together quilt


Introducing, my first ever pieced together quilt! I made it as a baby gift for my childhood friend’s first sweet baby. She wanted purples and blues, so here’s what I came up with. My amazing mom-in-law helped me EVERY step of the way. I couldn’t have done it without her!

My mother-in-law added these sweet frills: the baby’s monogram, a surprise cupcake stitch, and a patch on the back of the quilt with all the important info. :) Very nice!

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DIY Felt Ball Mobile


Here’s a project I’ve been trying to share for about six weeks now :) I had all of the materials assembled and ready to put together on the night before Baby T was born.  Then of course she was born and I am only recently getting around to completing and photographing it. I’m rather proud of it a) because it’s really cute in Baby T’s room – colorful and whimsical – and b) because I have never seen a mobile like it so maybe there’s a chance in this overly-pinterested era that I actually invented an original project.  Maybe.  I will admit to having been inspired by this felt ball garland project on ARMommy, but the rest is imagined by me.  I think.

I give you, my DIY Felt Ball Mobile.

Pardon the poorly-lit photos.  The good light and I aren’t on the same nap schedule.  Also, upon further reflection, I should have turned the hoop so that the clasp faces the wall.  Sigh.  I don’t sleep so much these days.


All you need to make this are:

  • felt balls in whatever colorway you prefer (I got mine here.  They took for-stinking-ever to get here from Nepal. I ordered the 100 ct pack and have some left over to use for another project I have in the hopper)
  • embroidery hoop (I painted mine silver)
  • ribbon for hanging the hoop (I chose silver to match my hoop)
  • embroidery floss for stringing the felt balls (I used gray)
  • a needle to string the felt balls
  • scissors
  • whimsical charms (found in the jewelry section of the craft store)

Once you have the materials, assembling the mobile is straightforward.  I don’t have to go through each step, do I?  You all are smart and can see the obvious.  String balls on floss using needle to make garlands of varying lengths.  Tie garlands to hoop (only on the inner one, so that the overall look is cleaner). Attach charms to ends of garlands.  You get it.  (Am I assuming too much? Ask questions if not.)

I just love the bright, whimsical effect it has in the room.  When B first saw it, she said “ooooooh!  touch it!”  I have now fallen in love with wool felt balls and am thinking of all kinds of things to do with them.  Ooh ooh, Christmas tree garland!

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Oh, the sweetness…


As soon as my baby brain fog clears a bit, I’ll be back to posting about Frilling things again.  But for now, I’m enjoying the sweetness (and squeezing in as many naps as possible).

Didn’t you love Stephanie’s first post, and the peak at her fun vintage style? So Frilled to have her contributing for a while.


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We’re FRILLED to announce…


…the arrival earlier this week of none other than Baby T!

Born sweetly at home, quicker than quick, with help from lovely Midwives.  8 pounds, 5 ounces; 19 inches long.  Healthy, pink, and hungry.  We’re resting and being still and grateful for a while.


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Frilling Tea Party Invitations


Aurelia and I were so happy with our tea party invitations.  It was fun putting our heads together to come up with something Frilling, themed, and fun.  It was actually a three-heads-are-better-than-one deal, because Jordan helped us out in a major way.  Handy having your own personal Graphic Designer to whip you up a personalized party invitation (Thanks, Love!).

Aurelia found the doily idea on Pinterest.  I knew I wanted aqua and red, since those are loosely part of the color scheme of T’s room; and we both wanted the invite to be frilly and girly and tea-themed.  So together we threw ideas around and looked around the internets and Hobby Lobby for inspiration, and this is the adorableness we landed on.

We stamped the envelopes with the teapot stamp, and were actually able to use the stamp again later on party favors.  We even tucked a tea bag into each invitation.

I hope the guests were as excited to receive these invitations as we were to send them.  Darling, no?


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Frilling Maternity: Party Outfit


We had a tea party!

To celebrate Baby T.  It was really special.  When Little B was born, Jordan and I had just moved to San Francisco and didn’t really know anyone; so there was no baby party or shower, which made me a little sad.  But Aurelia stepped in and planned a gorgeous tea party for me and Baby T this time around, and I loved it. We promise to show you more of it, but for today, this is what I wore.

(shown here with MVP cardigan, which has since met its untimely demise due to a well-meaning husband’s laundry efforts.  Want to make a very-pregnant, very emotional Mama cry?  Shrink her favorite cardigan.)

(dress: Liz Lange Maternity for Target / booties: Aldo / necklace: Mother necklace / scarf: can’t remember / bangles: gifted / ring: EcoBohemia)

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, at 37 weeks.  Now at 39 weeks, I’m desperate to get Baby T out into the world.  This will be my last maternity post.  Wow, I want my body back.

More party posts to come!

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Gifts for the Post-Partum Mama


The other day I went to visit a friend who has a sweet, snuggly newborn.  I brought dinner, but the visit got me thinking about other fun things to pamper a post-partum mama that I wish I could have brought over.  New moms are often blissfully happy but tired, sore, and a bit overwhelmed, and they might need a little extra TLC.  What better than a frilling little giftie for the postpartum mum in your life?

1. Post-partum tummy-friendly yet stylish lounge pants
2. A cozy throw
3. A lovely bauble
4. Trendy polish
5. Texas lavender candle
6. Frilling fuzzy slippers
7. Obvs, only if she’s nursing

When I have a newborn, I like things quiet and calm around the house; not a lot of commotion or visitors or noise.  For me, it’s a pretty vulnerable and precious bonding time that I like to keep sacred. I’m an introvert, and I like to deal with major life changes like the birth of a new child in a quiet way.  But for other more extroverted mamas, it’s a time for visits and family gatherings and food and a birthday party.  Different strokes for different folks, but regardless of the mama’s style I think it’s important to be sensitive to what she may be going through physically, emotionally, hormonally, etc.

If you’re a mama, what’s your style: do you like a party around a new baby, or are you like me and want to hibernate for a bit?

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More Knitted Hats


The temps are marginally cooling, I’m swimming in nesting hormones, and the yarn is calling my name these days.  Aside from crocheting little hearts for bunting, I’ve been knitting hats.

This is one I finished for B several weeks back.  I started it a long time ago, but then when I moved from SF, I accidentally packed away the pattern book I was working from, which was in storage until we moved into our house.  So, I only recently picked it up again and finished it.  It turned out bigger in size than I anticipated, but I love the stripes and the pointy elvish-ness of the knotted top.  The yarn is 3 colors of soft Karabella 8 extrafine merino.


This one I already mailed away to a new little guy.  It’s just a simple rolled-brim baby cap pattern topped with a pom, but really sweet I think.  The yarn is self-striping Sugar N Cream 100% cotton.  (I’m a snob about yarn: I hate acrylic.  I’m only willing to use natural fibers like wool, cotton, and bamboo.  Acrylic is cheap, washable, and has its uses; but I love the feel and handling of natural fibers. Knitting, for me, is a lot about texture and feel; and I also think the natural fibers wear better long-term.)

Both patterns are from Itty Bitty Hats, which I’ve mentioned before.

Sorry, B, this one’s not for you.

It’s occurring to me as I write this post that I’ve yet to knit any hats for Tiny T.  Better get on it!

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34 Things at 34 Weeks


In the spirit of this and this, both of which still resonate with me strongly the second time around; I give you…

(This is a sneak-peak of tomorrow’s maternity style post, stay tuned…)

1. Texans should never reproduce in the summertime.  Tooooooooo hot.

2. I haven’t stopped perspiring since May.

3. Please oh please let Baby T come two weeks early.

4. People still say crummy things to pregnant ladies, even in Texas.

5. “Are you going to make it home before that baby?”  is not an ok thing to say to a pregnant lady.

6. “Are you sure there’s only one in there?” is not an ok thing to say to a pregnant lady.

7. The other day someone was telling me that she encountered a very pregnant lady in the grocery store who was chowing down on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s with her own silver spoon, while letting her 10-ish-year-old daughter push the grocery cart around and put items into it.  I cannot stop laughing about this.  Mostly because I wish I could do it.

8. Don’t ask me right now if I will have any more kids after this.  Ask me a year from now.

9. I am gratified to discover that I can still play my guitar around my ginormous belly.  Somehow I escaped the laws of physics on this.

10. The temperature dropped below 90 the other morning, and I actually went for a walk.

11. I’m hungry for tempeh-bacon sandwiches.  On Ezekiel bread. With barbecue sauce on them, and avocado slices, and baby kale leaves, and pepper jack cheese. BabyDaddy has been accommodating about this so far.

12.  Poor Little B.  Her mama is tired and only willing to play tea party whilst laid out on the sofa.  On the upside, she gets lots more almond-butter-and-jelly sandwiches because Mama is too tired to cook much.

13. Poor BabyDaddy.  That’s all.  Poor BabyDaddy.

14. Happily, Little B seems to have great affection for her unborn sister.  She goes around the house saying, “Baby T coming soon!”  We’ll see what tune she’s singing once T arrives.

15. Tiny T’s room is going to be cuuuute.  If I could ever get it finished.  If I could ever get the energy to get it finished.

16. I think I’ve finally decided on these diapers.  Has anyone used them?

17. Little B is made of watermelon.  Tiny T is made of dried mangos. (and tempeh-bacon sandwiches.)

18. Moving residences during pregnancy is not advisable if you can help it.  Trust me on this; I’ve done it twice.

19. A few days back I was talking to a friend about her experience nursing her newborn, and I realized I was jealous.  I want to be nursing my newborn too. I take this as a good sign.

20.  BabyDaddy and I see any new baby and get all googly-eyed.  We have baby fever.  Good thing we’re having a baby.

21. My Midwife adamantly wants me to gain more weight. More than the 30-plus pounds I’ve already gained?  Whaa?  Yes, she says, You’re gonna need it….. Watch out, Ben and Jerry.

22. Hot as it has been (although thankfully cooling off a little lately), the thought of going for a run is so delicious.  Oh, to move quickly and lightly and rhythmically.  As soon as I pop this baby out, it’s on.

23.  My friend Brooke recently gave birth to her second child precipitously; as in, in a wheelchair in the parking garage of the hospital with a total of two pushes after less than two hours of labor.  More jealousy (of the 2 pushes/<2hr labor part, not so much the wheelchair part).  Statistically, just because I know her that will never happen to me.

24. The Midwives assure me labor/birth-giving will most likely be shorter/easier this time, since it mostly is for second babies, so they say.  Nice.

25. I still look back on my experience giving birth to B as one of the most profound, powerful, and life-affirming experiences of my life, and am grateful to be given the opportunity to do it again regardless of how hard it might be.

26. Pedicures are a pleasure of pregnancy.  Someone’s gotta do it, and I can’t reach them, so …

27. It’s hard not to feel embarrassed by how enormous my belly is.  I know this is my own weakness and vanity. Plus the fact that my belly is freaking enormous, and I still have weeks to go.

28. I have instructed BabyDaddy to please have a Mexican Martini ready and waiting for me as soon as I’m done giving birth.  It’s a sacrifice to go through Texas summer with no margaritas.

29. I’ve been reading this fantasy novel about a dude who gets infected with a kind of magic that makes him really fat, and the fatter he gets, the more magic he has.  He just keeps getting fatter and fatter no matter if he eats or not, but he’s ravenously hungry all the time, regardless.  Is it sad that I can relate to this?  Maybe I have a belly full of magic. (I’m pretty sure I do.)

30.Don’t judge me for my literary distractions at this point.  Anything to get my mind off it, and to pass the time between 1:30 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. when I am typically not sleeping.

31. If you come over to my house, don’t look at the floor.  Mopping is not within the Realm of Things I Do at this point.

32. Ugh, raspberry leaf tea is not yummy.  Somebody make me a raspberry leaf tea margarita.

33. I love having little girls.  For lots of reasons.  One is that you get to put pink pom-pom trim on the bathroom window curtains.

34. Try singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (a.k.a Tinkew Tinkew Widda Tar) with a 30-lb toddler sitting on curled around your belly and an unborn child snuggling her rump into your diaphragm and you will have one sweet, albeit breathless, experience.

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