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Frilling Friday: 3 Frilling Addictions


Happy Friday!

Here are three things I’m currently addicted to.  Maybe you’ll love them too…

…fresh, in-season figs and pomegranate seeds, drizzled with honey…

…naturally scented Mediterranean Fig Candles by Pacifica…

…and crocheting little hearts to make a bunting for Tiny T’s room, based on this tutorial.  I can’t stop making them.  They’re so fun and quick!

Got any Frilling Addictions lately?  Happy Weekend!


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Baby Bunny Hat


Happy Labor Day!  We spent the entire weekend at our house doing the 3-day Potty Training program, with great success; Little B is totally enthused about using the potty.  But I did manage to work in some knitting in between Potty Dances, and I took the opportunity to finish up this adorable bunny hat for a sweet little boy who is yet to arrive.  I hope he and his Mama love it.  I know I do, and plan to knit up the pattern a few more times for the small crowd of new arrivals we have amongst our friends these days.

The pattern is from my much-loved (ok, well, I stole it from my mom) copy of Susan B. Anderson’s Itty Bitty Hats, and I knitted it in Sugar ‘n Cream self-striping cotton yarn.  I have a great love for self-striping yarn.

Can’t wait to see this hat on the little guy.  (I’m totally spoiling the surprise, but if your initials are P.D. this hat is coming your way!)

More hats to come….

And check back tomorrow for our first-ever completely Frilling blog giveaway!

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FRILLING guest post: A jewelry box transformed


Today’s guest post is by Bethany, who you might remember from our Frilling Fashionista series. Aside from her day job as a social worker at Mission Waco, Bethany makes jewelry for the Harts and Crafts boutique. She also knits beautiful hair pieces and jewelry, among other things. Bethany, YOU FRILL US! 


Like Aurelia, this was my first summer after graduate school. I have enjoyed the time that has freed up from all the hours of reading and writing that had filled up my days as a graduate student. After feeling inspired and energized by all this newfound free time, I decided to give my jewelry box a makeover! This beautiful jewelry box was given to me by my sweet mom-in-law. It has served me well, as its basic structure is pretty solid and it has a lot compartments for jewelry storage.

Over time the mirrors were no longer secure and kept falling out each time I opened the top of the box, and I never added personal photos to the built in photo-frames, so they still contained the pictures the jewelry box came with.

Despite the little drawbacks, I still loved this box.  I loved its charming structural design of all the little shelves, drawers and compartments, as well as the fact that it was given to my by someone I love! This wasn’t a bad jewelry box, I had simply allowed it go a little wayward. It wasn’t the box’s fault that its owner can be a little bit of a mess! This box clearly was in need of a little lovin’. So, I decided to spiffy it up!

Using some sandpaper I purchased at a local craft store, I sanded down the glossy finish of the box. Then, using some acrylic mint green paint, I painted the box with about three coats of paint. I mixed some light grey acrylic paint with a dab or two of a dark brown paint to make a lovely taupe grey. I used this color to paint the inside and outside panels of the front doors as well as the doors that held the mirrors. It was really starting to come together, but I felt like it was still missing a little something.

With the assistance of a rubber stamp, I used some ink to lightly imprint dandelions onto the front and back panels of the box’s front door.  Then, I carefully dabbed the ink with my fingers until it left only a faint dry imprint. I painted the imprints with some of the mint green paint. I added some additional taupe grey dandelions on the inside of the bottom doors, as well as some hand drawn embellishments.

Next, using a long thin knife, I carefully removed the white cloth/cardboard divider/jewelry holders from the top of the box. I cut out some fabric and glued it onto the top of the dividers with all-purpose glue. I make cloth button earrings and sell them at a local boutique, so I had plenty of pretty bits of cloth to line the jewelry box with! In the process of reupholstering the fabric in the top box, I removed about half of the ring holders and created an additional compartment with the space.

I also added a simple cloth panel in the back and added needlepoint canvas (stiffened with the assistance of some spray starch and an iron) to each door where the mirrors were. Though the mirrors were nice, this was a more practical option for me as I love earrings and the cloth panels gave me a great way to neatly store and display my earrings.

In addition to making over the jewelry box, I also (finally) cleaned out my jewelry box—- recycling most pieces I don’t use for future projects.

And now I have newly refurbished jewelry box. This was a fairly simple project for someone who is a novice painter/sander/refurbisher, and I recommend it if you are looking for a great way to look at something you love in a new and fresh light.  I’m pretty pleased with the results!

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Follow me on instagram!


Hey everyone! Check out my progress on the baby quilt I’m making, and follow me on instagram (@aureliajoy) for other random updates!

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Pretty fabrics for a baby quilt


Happy Saturday all! Just writing this post is making me remember how much I’ve missed youfrillme. It’s been a few crazy weeks of summer fun, traveling, transitioning, job searching, etc. Hopefully I’ll be a bit better about posting in the coming weeks.

So my best friend from childhood is due to have her own sweet girl this October. And since we have been the best of friends for the better portion of our lives AND I just happen to be out of school (and therefore, less busy) for the first time ever, I’ve decided to have a go at my first ever pieced quilt.

Pictured above are the fabrics I’ve chosen, according to my friend’s purple, blue, and teal color scheme she has chosen for her nursery. What do you think? I can’t wait to get to work and show y’all the pattern I’ve chosen for the quilt!

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A frilling embroidered gift


Happy Thursday everyone!  This past weekend I had the honor of being my friend’s matron of…well, honor in her wedding. It was so romantic. She married a frenchman, and they are jetting off to France tomorrow to start their lives together! I love it.

Like I told y’all last week, I’ve developed the habit of making a gift for my friends when they get married or have a baby. This wedding was no exception, and so I wanted to make something extra special.

My idea was to embroider something that they could hang in their home as a wedding memento. I wanted it to be old school with a bit of a modern twist. I decided on a simple image of a bride and groom with their name and wedding date.   Originally, I was going to do it by hand, but my amazing mother-in-law ended up showing me how to use her frilling new embroidery machine. It is so cool. You can essentially put any image into the computer, and it will embroider it for you! Plus, I think the straight, simple lines add to the modern vibe I was going for.

I loved getting to see how her new machine works, and I loved getting to give one of my closest friends something meaningful. I think it turned out simply lovely.. and FRILLING!

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Kate’s DIY Stamped Wall Art


My FRILLINGLY creative friend Kate created this awesome DIY wall artwork.  Here’s what Kate said about this simple creative project:

1.  Buy ugly clearance print in a large square.
2.  Paint it white with primer.
3.  Stamp the lyrics to a favorite song.
4. Wait for husband to come home to help hang it.

Loves: I love how the letters don’t have to be perfectly spaced or lined up.  I love how it’s your own personal favorite song lyric.  I love how the letters fall off the canvas.  I love how it adds a typographic element to the room. I love how it makes me think of newsprint.  I love that it could be in any font you can find stamps or sponges in. And I love that it’s a low-budget project.

Here’s an image of the piece in the space.  FRILLING.

(and Kate, is that a navy wall I see? swoon.)

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Embroidery fun with Sublime Stitching


Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday! I don’t know if you have noticed, but I haven’t been doing much posting lately. In the last couple of weeks, Lyle and I have undergone some major life changes (which resulted in my unintended absence). After my graduation festivities, we had a brief vacation, and then we headed back to Waco to pack up our things, move out of our lovely house, say goodbye to our dear friends, and make the move to the Austin area. We are still kind of in limbo, but it feels good to finally start the next chapter in our life!

In the midst of all the craziness, I found the time to make these sweet dishtowels for my friend who recently got married (which, by the way, may have been the most beautiful wedding I have experienced to date – and I have been to and in a lot of weddings!):

Over the last few years, I have found that I generally try and make something for my friends when they get married. Normally, I go with dish towels because to me, they symbolize what Fran and I (youfrillme) are all about – finding beauty and frills (and functionality) in the practical, day-to-day things. Everyone needs dishtowels – why not make them FRILLING and lovely?

The details:

The entire concept was inspired by embroidery patterns I purchased from Sublime Stitching – who I discovered at last year’s Renegade Craft Fair. I wanted a sort of vintage-inspired look, and I fell in love with this flower and birds design.

The Russian nesting dolls were also inspired by Sublime. I actually purchased embroidery patterns for these, but instead, I decided to incorporate them using applique and some super fun pattern mixing.

I also sewed on ruffles to the bottom of the dishtowels for extra FRILLS.

Finally, a little shout out to Mrs. Kathy Davidson – if you get a chance to read this – your wedding was gorgeous and you were absolutely stunning. Thank you for including me on such a special day. Best wishes to you and Matt as you continue having the time of your life! Hopefully these gifts will reach you soon!

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DIY: Melinda’s Custom Counter Stools


My mom, who is full of creative ideas, took some run of the mill counter stools from target and customized them.  She started with this:

Then, she sanded, primed, and painted the metal parts…

While she waited for those to dry, she painted a square of canvas with acrylic paint (she did a couple different ones)…

Then, using a staple gun, she attached the canvas smoothly over the existing seat cover…

Then she reassembled the stools, and voila!  Custom counter stools, any way you like ‘em.  You don’t have to paint your own fabric; you could purchase printed upholstery fabric and use that instead.

Are you inspired?  Doesn’t it make you want to transform something boring into something FRILLING?

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DIY Confetti Tablecloth


Happy Saturday friends! Today I have a lot of final assignments to work on. This week is my last week of classes…ever! Crazy! I wanted to take a break, though, and show you the tablecloth my friend and I made for Melaina’s baby shower last week. It turned out so adorable. I’m excited to use it again – it really added extra FRILLS to the shower!

I just can’t get enough of it! For those of you wondering, the tutorial is available here. Just don’t be like me and forget to use fabric paint. I used craft paint and am thinking I will be using a lot of tide-to-go pens in the future because I can’t put it in the washing machine!

Hope you have a very sweet Saturday!

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