Easy DIY: Paper Bag Banners


Hi everyone! My super cute and crafty friend, Ashley (who endearingly calls me “Martha Stewart, Jr.”), has a DIY on her blog that is too FRILLING not to share!

I’ve tried my hand at banner-making before, but these variations are even more clever and fun! Here’s what she did:

1. Found some paper bags leftover from her wedding.

2. Found some scrapbook paper she had from ages ago.

3. Glued the paper to the paper bags.

4. Painted chipboard letters with ink (chalk or pigment ink is best).

4. Punched holes in the top of the paper bags.

5. Put inexpensive yarn through the holes…and VOILA!

Here is another variation Ashley used for a wedding shower decoration:

  1. Tear out pages from an old book. 
  2. Use some vintage photo distress ink and embellishments. 
  3. Use chipboard letters and paint with chalk ink.

Ashley, you are so creative! You totally FRILL us!

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Old Made New: DIY last minute baby gift – hand stamped leggings


As promised yesterday, here is another post and a totally frilling gift idea from Stephanie of Teal Annie. Thanks so much for your contributions, Stephanie! We hope to see many more “Old Made New” posts in the future! You FRILL us! 

If you are needing a last minute baby gift and really want it to have a special handmade touch, this little DIY is perfect for that special little stylish one in your life. It is pretty quick and very affordable as well.

Original inspiration from the lovely Katie over at Lemon Jitters with her DIY for patterned heart tights.

Supplies Needed:

  • baby leggings (I bought these from Old Navy)
  • scissors
  • small piece of cardboard
  • craft paint
  • wine cork
  • hot glue gun

1. Cut a small triangle out of the cardboard.

2. Using hot glue, attach the cardboard triangle to the wine cork creating a stamp.

3. Lay the leggings flat and stamp the triangle in the pattern of your choice.

4. Let dry and stamp the back if desired. Then, give as gifts!

Old Made New: Advent Calendar


Hi all! Today we have another inspirational guest post from Stephanie of Teal Annie! We have been having a sort of count down to Christmas this week with all kinds of frilling and festive posts! Yesterday, Fran posted about some natural ways to have that special Christmas tree fragrance if you don’t have a real tree in your home. And the day before that, Caitlin posted about her entirely handmade Christmas ornament collection! AND Check back tomorrow for yet another fabulous guest-post by Stephanie! 

My husband and I have been married for a little more than two years. This year we started thinking about Christmas traditions that we want to have as a family. We’ve though about what traditions we want to continue that we each had with our own families and some new things we would like to add. This year we decided to make an Advent calendar to help us think of others and to be excited and expectant for the coming of Jesus.

We used a scrap piece of wood we had in our garage. We painted the lyrics to Joy to the World on the wood and used some yarn and scrapbook paper I had in my craft stash.

We each wrote on half of the cards. I open the ones Jake wrote and he opens the ones I wrote so it is a fun surprise each day.

We wrote things like: “Buy a friend’s lunch today”, “Read the Christmas story together”, and “Bake cookies for the neighbor”.

We also light a new tea candle each day when we open a card.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Advent season and has a Merry Christmas!

Old Made New: Refreshing the 90s Dress


Hi all! This week Stephanie of Teal Annie continues her guest post collab with us!  Don’t forget to check out her etsy shop for some great Christmas gift ideas if you haven’t already! 

Stephanie here! Happy Wednesday to you all! Today I’m going to share one of my favorite old items to make new.

I really enjoy finding frumpy ole’ dresses at thrift stores, bringing them home, and giving them a fresh look. I’m going to show you how to very basically alter a 90′s dress.

1. Find a 90′s dress at your local thrift store. During your search, look for a print that catches your eye or a color that is your favorite to wear. Look for dresses that have a straight or box shape, and with no zipper. These are easier to alter (with basic sewing skills). I always like going with a dress that is a bit larger than my normal size so that I have some extra room to play with the fabric.

2. Measure and mark the length of the fabric you want to cut off of the bottom of the dress. Add an extra inch to account for the hemmed portion.

3. Apply a line of masking tape across the dress where you marked your measurement (this helps me to cut straight across). Cut off the fabric below the tape.

4. Snip off those shoulder pads. ;)

5. Roll under the cut portion (about 1.5 inches) of the bottom dress fabric holding with straight pins. Sew the hem with your sewing machine.

6. Style with a coat, black tights, boots, and your favorite necklace for a fun winter outfit!

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DIY Felt Ball Mobile


Here’s a project I’ve been trying to share for about six weeks now :) I had all of the materials assembled and ready to put together on the night before Baby T was born.  Then of course she was born and I am only recently getting around to completing and photographing it. I’m rather proud of it a) because it’s really cute in Baby T’s room – colorful and whimsical – and b) because I have never seen a mobile like it so maybe there’s a chance in this overly-pinterested era that I actually invented an original project.  Maybe.  I will admit to having been inspired by this felt ball garland project on ARMommy, but the rest is imagined by me.  I think.

I give you, my DIY Felt Ball Mobile.

Pardon the poorly-lit photos.  The good light and I aren’t on the same nap schedule.  Also, upon further reflection, I should have turned the hoop so that the clasp faces the wall.  Sigh.  I don’t sleep so much these days.


All you need to make this are:

  • felt balls in whatever colorway you prefer (I got mine here.  They took for-stinking-ever to get here from Nepal. I ordered the 100 ct pack and have some left over to use for another project I have in the hopper)
  • embroidery hoop (I painted mine silver)
  • ribbon for hanging the hoop (I chose silver to match my hoop)
  • embroidery floss for stringing the felt balls (I used gray)
  • a needle to string the felt balls
  • scissors
  • whimsical charms (found in the jewelry section of the craft store)

Once you have the materials, assembling the mobile is straightforward.  I don’t have to go through each step, do I?  You all are smart and can see the obvious.  String balls on floss using needle to make garlands of varying lengths.  Tie garlands to hoop (only on the inner one, so that the overall look is cleaner). Attach charms to ends of garlands.  You get it.  (Am I assuming too much? Ask questions if not.)

I just love the bright, whimsical effect it has in the room.  When B first saw it, she said “ooooooh!  touch it!”  I have now fallen in love with wool felt balls and am thinking of all kinds of things to do with them.  Ooh ooh, Christmas tree garland!

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Kate’s DIY Stamped Wall Art


My FRILLINGLY creative friend Kate created this awesome DIY wall artwork.  Here’s what Kate said about this simple creative project:

1.  Buy ugly clearance print in a large square.
2.  Paint it white with primer.
3.  Stamp the lyrics to a favorite song.
4. Wait for husband to come home to help hang it.

Loves: I love how the letters don’t have to be perfectly spaced or lined up.  I love how it’s your own personal favorite song lyric.  I love how the letters fall off the canvas.  I love how it adds a typographic element to the room. I love how it makes me think of newsprint.  I love that it could be in any font you can find stamps or sponges in. And I love that it’s a low-budget project.

Here’s an image of the piece in the space.  FRILLING.

(and Kate, is that a navy wall I see? swoon.)

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DIY: Melinda’s Custom Counter Stools


My mom, who is full of creative ideas, took some run of the mill counter stools from target and customized them.  She started with this:

Then, she sanded, primed, and painted the metal parts…

While she waited for those to dry, she painted a square of canvas with acrylic paint (she did a couple different ones)…

Then, using a staple gun, she attached the canvas smoothly over the existing seat cover…

Then she reassembled the stools, and voila!  Custom counter stools, any way you like ‘em.  You don’t have to paint your own fabric; you could purchase printed upholstery fabric and use that instead.

Are you inspired?  Doesn’t it make you want to transform something boring into something FRILLING?

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DIY Confetti Tablecloth


Happy Saturday friends! Today I have a lot of final assignments to work on. This week is my last week of classes…ever! Crazy! I wanted to take a break, though, and show you the tablecloth my friend and I made for Melaina’s baby shower last week. It turned out so adorable. I’m excited to use it again – it really added extra FRILLS to the shower!

I just can’t get enough of it! For those of you wondering, the tutorial is available here. Just don’t be like me and forget to use fabric paint. I used craft paint and am thinking I will be using a lot of tide-to-go pens in the future because I can’t put it in the washing machine!

Hope you have a very sweet Saturday!

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Five-Minute Project: Lavender Eye Pillow


Every time I go to yoga and I use an eye pillow during relaxation, I think: “I need one of these!”  So I decided to take about five minutes and make one.  Except mine is especially awesome because it contains relaxing lavender, my favorite fragrance, which also happens to be a drug-free aromatherapy headache remedy and stress reliever.  The project is so easy.

The Stuff:

  • a small amount of cotton or linen fabric, cut into a roughly 9 x 9 square
  • sewing machine, or needle and thread
  • rice
  • dried lavender flowers

The Do:

1)Fold your fabric square in half, right sides together

2) Sew two of the open sides shut, to make a ‘bag’ or ‘pillowcase’

3) Turn the bag right side out

4) Fill with rice and lavender mixture, not too full; you want the pillow to be soft and pliable, not overstuffed. (I used a small funnel.)

5) Sew remaining side closed

6) Relax! Next time you have a headache, feel stressed out, or just need a nap, you have the perfect eye pillow.

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DIY: basic fabric banner


Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! I have had a very busy, but exciting week. One of the many things coming up is a baby shower my friends and I are throwing at my house for our friend, Melaina. I decided that I wanted to make a banner with her sweet babe’s name on it as part of the decor. I’ll show you what else I’m doing next week!

I know there are a TON of DIY banners out there. In fact, there are so many, that the idea of looking for one overwhelmed me a little too much, so I just made up my own. Here’s what I did:

I free-handed a triangle onto half a piece of card stock, and then I used it to trace the rest.

I traced the card stock triangle onto different pieces of fabric that I already had and cut them out using a rotary cutter.

I used hot-glue to stick the fabric onto the card stock. I would have used fabric or craft glue, but I was out.

Using free-hand, I drew out the letters of the baby’s name onto note cards. Then, I cut those out and traced them backwards onto the wrong side of the fabric. I cut out the letters using fabric scissors.

Originally I thought I might hot glue the triangles onto ribbon, but ultimately I decided to punch holes into them and slide a piece of yarn through each one. I wanted some kind of divider, and these wool beads I found at Michael’s were perfect.

Finally, I slid everything onto the yarn rotating between beads and triangles. Viola! Just lovely! And the variety of patterns and colors would go perfectly with any nursery decor, if you ask me. (but y’all know I’m a sucker for pattern mixing!)


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