Oilcloth Bib Tutorial


I am in love with oilcloth right now.  I’ve been sewing cosmetic bags out of adorable oilcloths I’ve been finding at the fabric store.  I realized that I could use the leftover oilcloth to make a simple baby bib similar to ones I had purchased at Target a while back which are looking rather worse for wear.  I like this kind because I can rinse them for re-use, they have the pocket to catch dropped food, and they are easy to throw in the wash.

one baby bib you like the shape of
a piece of oilcloth fabric, maybe 16″ by 16″
a package of half-inch bias tape in a coordinating color
sewing machine
pencil or fabric pen
small square of velcro

Here’s what you do:
1) Take a bib you already have, that you like the shape of.  Trace the shape of the bib on the wrong side of your oilcloth with a pencil or fabric pen (A). Also trace a piece in the shape of the pocket, if you’d like to add one (B).

2) Then, cut the two pieces (A and B) out.

3) Measure and pin a length of bias tape to the top of B, and sew it on.  Keep your seam near the outer edge of the bias tape (not the folded edge).

4) Next, pin B to A.  You may either go ahead and sew around the edge to attach the two before adding the bias tape, or you can wait and sew A, B and bias tape all at the same time.  Whatever is comfortable for you.

5)Now, sew the bias tape all along the outer edge of the bib.  I like to reinforce the spot where the pocket opens.

6) Stitch your velcro to either end of the neck closure of the bib.

7) Voila!  You have a fresh, handmade oilcloth bib.

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