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Frilling Fashionista: Ali’s 3-day 3-layer Challenge


We’ve been talking about the “Rule of Three” - the idea of layering pieces to create a more cohesive, sophisticated look  -  over here on the blog lately.  There’s been lots of discussion happening on facebook about it, and apparently it has struck a chord of inspiration with some of our favorite readers.  Fabulous.  Frilling!

My darling friend Ali gave herself a challenge to help her step up her game a bit in the style department.  She decided that for 3 days she’d follow the Rule of Three.  I asked her about her experience and here’s what she said:

I’m fashionally challenged.  So after Fran explained the “three layer rule,” we made it homework: three days of three layers in one week.  To start, I went thrifting and found a few new pieces that I could easily layer with items I already own:

  • a sky blue cardigan
  • a long necklace with turquoise stones
  • a black-and-white striped tee with red accents
  • a teal cardigan with fluted edges

Day One: I picked the sky-blue cardigan, layering it over an favorite T and adding the new necklace. I wasn’t convinced it was a great outfit, but I knew I’d made a start.  I took my photo–but I wasn’t happy about it. 

Day Two: I picked the teal cardigan, which I had fallen in love with. I poked around on the LOFT website, looking for how their models wore their cardigans.  I noticed most of the “loud” cardigans were paired with neutral tops, so I imitated that.  A beaded necklace functioned as my third layer.  I felt confident in my choices and let my husband snap a cute pic for me.

Day Three: I faced a two-outfit day.  For work, I picked the black-and-white striped tee. Fran had challenged me to use a scarf as my third layer rather than a necklace, so I added a black cardigan and a hot pink scarf.  I paired the top with a flirty skirt instead of my uniform pants–and I felt like a movie star.

For after-work, I knew I’d be attending a formal awards banquet.  I chose a print top with a cami and a complementary necklace, paired with a white skirt and metallic wedges.

How does it feel, now that it’s done? As someone who usually finds shopping and dressing to be painfully difficult, the three-layer challenge was liberating. My confidence grew exponentially. And, as I stood in my closet the night before the final challenge day, putting together my outfits was actually fun.  Frillingly so.

There are so many things I love about this.  One is that Ali was about to make the Rule work for her in her daily life fairly easily.  Two is that she went shopping with a purpose, looking for specific pieces to work with and Frill up her existing wardrobe.  Three, that Ali embraced some bright, fun colors.  And four, that she said her outfit made her feel like a movie star.  And that, folks, is where it’s at.

Ali, You FRILL us!

PS: Ali, your next challenge is to remix those cardigans into other outfits.
PPS: Stay tuned for the next installment of our cardigan series, hopefully later this week!

Frilling {Maternity} Fashionista: Amber’s Classic Bump Style


Today I’m FRILLED to share a peek at Amber’s fun maternity style.  You may remember her from her Frilling crochet creations.  Well, now she’s sporting a cute bob and a baby bump. Amber has a classic style and always looks polished, even at 36 weeks preggo!.  This is baby #3 for Amber, so she’s got some experience in the maternity wear department.

These green maternity cords are comfy and cute paired with stripes, a chartreuse cardi, and a chunky seafoam-green beaded bangle.  I think that mix of greens is so unexpected and interesting; and stripes are always the right pattern.  I never see a stripe I don’t like.  Leopard flats add more pattern interest.

pants: Motherhood / top: Ross / cardi: Banana Republic / flats: Gap / bracelet: Francesca’s

This maternity shirtdress is a hardworking piece; neutral in color, very versatile for many occasions and very multi-seasonal.  She’s wearing it for winter here (even though it was like 80 degrees here when we took these photos) with black tights, boots, and a warm cardi; but it would be just as nice with gladiator sandals and loads of shimmery gold jewelry. (For spring I’d add a bright patterned cardigan to liven up the neutral olive, and exchange the sash for a fun skinny belt; but that’s just me.)  In fact, this is the second pregnancy this dress has taken Amber through, so it has proved its worth.

dress: Motherhood / cardi: Gap / leggings: Ross / boots: JC Peney

For a more dressy occasion, Amber picked up this sparkly non-maternity dress at Ross.  I love finding non-maternity pieces that work for maternity.  The gathered v-neck will even be nursing friendly.  A dress like this is a find, my friends.  Until you start looking, you don’t know how hard it is to find dresses that work for nursing, much less nursing + maternity + beyond.

dress: Ross / pumps:Belk

In her own words:

How would you describe your personal style? “Elegant and classic but fun.”

What’s your shopping M.O.? : “Price and versatility, practicality, trendiness, all have a place, but in that order. At the same time, I decided a while back that I wouldn’t buy something just because it is priced right and practical, I have to LOVE it too.”

What are your favorite accessories? “Earrings and bracelets. necklaces are too tempting for the littles to grab and…I love scarves!”

Where do you go for fashion inspiration? “I like to read blogs (like yours!) and window shop. That’s where I see what’s “in” and typically decide whether or not I like it. But I don’t consider myself uber-trendy regardless because that would be less practical. I usually stick to a few trendy pieces in the wardrobe for fun and stick with classics (or what I won’t tire of, at least) for the rest.”

Quality or Quantity? “Quality. It’s more practical. And more classy.”

Anything else you’d like to say, just for frills? “Many women in the last month of pregnancy feel like a whale, walk like a penguin, and don’t feel attractive at all, but I say we should flaunt those beautiful bellies in tasteful style!”

Practical and classy; two great words to describe Amber’s maternity style.  Plus, Amber always has a cute and fancy earring for extra Frills, see?

(earrings: Beehive)

Amber, You FRILL us!

Gals: if you’d like to nominate someone as a Frilling Fashionista, send us an email with photos at youfrillme at gmail dot com.  We love featuring real-life women who have a unique sense of style and are Frilling it up in their everyday lives

Frilling Fashionista: Tracee’s Chic Details


My friends, this is Tracee.

Cousin Tracee.  Cousin Tracee came for a visit over the holidays and let me photograph her in the Frilling outfit she was wearing; although, she’s Frilling every time I see her — this is just a sample of her Frillingness. She’s actually Jordan’s cousin, but I claim her.  She’s mine, I tell you!  I mean, wouldn’t you want to be related to someone so chic? Not only does she have great taste, but she also lives in Brooklyn (NY!) and works for this ministry organization, and is overall a swell gal.  Which makes her a Triple Frill.

The outfit is pretty basic in concept and very wearable: jeans, boots, top, cardigan — the ultimate timeless fall/winter uniform.  It’s the details that are so pretty and interesting and thoughtful, and, I think, the hallmark of Tracee’s style.  Starting with the jeans, which are both printed and burgundy, two of this season’s best trends. They’re also skinny-straight (I like JCrew’s “Matchstick” description for this style), and cropped perfectly above the boot at the ankle.

Moving on to the long cardigan, also burgundy for a monochromatic palette; and the black silky hip-length top.  The top actually has a really nice boxy shape that I didn’t capture in the photos…

Grounding the look with a pair of killer low-heeled boots…  (Burgundy denim + cognac leather = divine. )

And topped with pitch-perfect, thoughtfully chosen accessories: an abstract floral scarf, dangly bow-tie earrings, a chunky statement ring, an interesting mixed-metal necklace, and a menswear watch.

Jeans: The Loft / Top: JC Penney / Cardigan: Target / Boots: Chelsea Crew / Ring: Nordstrom Rack / Watch: Fossil / Necklace: Birdhouse Jewelry / Scarf: Urban Outfitters

Tracee had this to say…

On shopping:
“I love shopping, but I also love finding a bargain. I will splurge on shoes if needed, they must be cute and comfy…I live in NYC and I am always on my feet! I also see a lot of expressions of style throughout this city — some I like, some I don’t! While I have always loved clothes and shoes, I have come to appreciate fashion even more while living in new york. For a woman who enjoys shopping, it becomes very difficult living in NYC on a budget, since there are lots of clothes to choose from and always somewhere to find them.”

On her personal style:
“If I see something I really like, I will make it work for me. I am relatively aware of trends, but don’t just dress by them. I love shoes, so I often pick the shoes first and then build around them. I love skinny jeans or jeggings and cardigans. I’m also a fan of dresses, but it’s winter right now and I can’t imagine wearing one! I enjoy taking simple pieces and adding some flare. I love jewelry, but typically simple pieces. My style is sometimes described as a preppy hipster or prep with some flare.”

The thing about fashion on a budget is that you have to really think through what you’re going to spend your resources on and be intentional, which I think can make for a better overall wardrobe.  At least it does for Tracee. I can’t decide on my favorite part of this outfit. It’s so well curated. I love everything.  What’s your favorite piece?

Thanks Tracee!  Your chic-ness Frills us!


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Frilling Fashionistas: Katelyn’s Eclectic Style Choices


Hi all. Happy Friday! Today we are excited to introduce our first FRILLING fashionista of 2013! I have been pestering my old friend from seminary, Katelyn, to send me photographs of her awesome style choices for a while now, and she finally did! Thanks Katelyn!

Katelyn lives with her husband and adorable English Bulldog in East Texas. She has a Masters of Divinity AND a Masters in Spanish. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog for some thoughtful writing and insights into her family’s daily life.

I have always admired Katelyn and her eclectic style choices. You really never know what she’ll be wearing next, but it’s always super frilling and thoughtful. She always stays true to herself and wears whatever she likes rather than staying within the confines of certain looks. Katelyn says that on any given day, you’ll find her outfit choice inspired by classic, bohemian, hipster, modern vintage, or even grungy cues. Because of this, I find her style to be pretty eclectic.

Check out the stunning pics below, and catch tidbits of Katelyn’s style inspiration along the way!

“This is an example of when I want to add ‘frills’ to a simple outfit. I’ll take a simple sweater and skinnies and add glasses and a fun hairdo as accessories.”

“I like to wear accessories or clothes that mean something to me. Everyday I wear a ring from my time working at a church in Chile, a bracelet my mom brought me from Brazil, my everyday purse is from Chile, etc. In the winter my favorite beanie is a gift my dad brought me from Peru. I love collecting pieces from around the world. My favorite pieces have meaning behind them, and I think that’s why recently I’ve been drawn to vintage, bc even though I don’t know the story behind them, I know there is one.”

sweater: Modcloth / pants: Old Navy / shoes: Steve Madden / earrings & purse: Paizlee /  watch: Michael Kors / bracelet & ring: travel souvenirs 

“I dress for myself. I am just as confident going to dinner in sweats & no makeup as I am if I get all dolled up. I might not feel as cute, but I don’t let the way I look determine my self value. If others wonder why I’m not wearing makeup, it doesn’t bother me. So if I feel like dressing cute, I do, and if I don’t, then I don’t. “

“I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. Anything expensive is either a gift, bought with a gift card, or on sale. I enjoy seeing expensive outfits and recreating them in my own budget. I’ll only splurge on things I know will get a lot of wear such as shoes.”

hat and chambray: Gap / pants: Old Navy / boots: Jessica Simpson 

“I’m just loving hats lately. And colored pants of course. Because of where I live I often feel stylistically out of place. So, if I’m going to wear something a little bolder like a hat, I tend to tone down my outfit. I still put together something cute, but it’s a little more plain than it would be if I didn’t wear a hat. But then again, sometimes I just go for it!”

“I love tights and pattern mixing, so I loved this outfit enough to wear it in our Christmas cards.” 

dress: Ruche / tights: Madewell / shoes: Clarks

Thanks so much for sharing your style with us, Katelyn! And if you haven’t realized it by now, you totally FRILL us!!

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Frilling Fashionistas: A Year in Review


Hi everyone! Happy New Year! We are excited to begin another FRILLING year on the blog. Last year, we started a new series called “Frilling Fashionistas” which celebrates everyday women and their frilling, unique styles. Check out our Frilling Fashionistas of 2012 below, click on their names to read their posts, and then check back Friday when we introduce our first Frilling Fashionista of 2013!

Stephanie of Teal Annie: 

Jo Ann and her closet makeover: 

Amber and her handmade creations: 

Chansin and her fun spring/summer dresses: 

Bethie and her impeccable neutrals: 

Cristin is trendy on a budget:

Bethany color coordinates: 


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Frilling Fashionista: Stephanie Combines her Love of Vintage and Thrift


Hi all! Today marks the first guest post of many to come from Stephanie of Teal Annie, and we thought we’d start things off right with a Frilling Fashionista post! What I love about Stephanie is that she knows who she is, and she owns it and rocks it! Her personality comes out through her style, and we just can’t get enough! Get ready to be totally FRILLED by her creativity. Also, don’t forget that it’s not too late to enter the Teal Annie giveaway


Hello! My name is Stephanie Dugard, and I’m here to tell you a little bit about myself, my love for finding old/vintage items, and how I’ve learned about my personal style.

Fringe Harvest Moon Tee: LuneVintage / Boots: Urban Outfitters


Finding my own unique sense of style has been a creative process. I can see how it has developed and changed over the years. While in middle school and high school, I began venturing out and wearing crazy outfits and pretty much anything that was different and would distinguish me from someone else. I then became very interested in vintage clothes and thrift shopping.

I have a few go-to pieces that I wear every day or every other day. I will literally wear something until it is unable to be worn…until it rips or falls apart.

My go-to item at the moment are these jean shorts and band tee. I wore the shorts all summer and now can pair them with black, grey, or wine colored tights for the fall/winter. I CAN’T STOP WEARING THEM. They will one day soon fall apart, and then I will have a new go-to piece..and that’s the way I like it! ;)

Vintage Band tee: thrifted / necklace: crystal moon from Teal Annie / Shorts: American Eagle / Tights: Target

I mostly shop for clothes at thrift stores or my sister’s closet. I tend to make 2-3 more expensive, quality purchases a season on staple items I really, really want. For the fall, I splurged on these boots from Urban, a screen printed pullover from Blackbirdtees on Etsy, and some tights from Gap.

Horse graphic top: H&M / skirt: F21 / bag: thrifted / shoes: Keds / Jewelry: Teal Annie

bags: thrifted

I’ve been able to blend my love of vintage and thrifted items, my learnings from experiments with repurposing old clothing, and what I’ve seen in fashion through the years into my own unique individual style. At this time, I would describe my style as Vintage Fun with a flare of Boho Rocker. 

dress: upcycled from thrifted “school teacher” dress / shoes: Keds / Necklace: Teal Annie

dress: Vintage 70s / Necklace: Teal Annie / Record: my fave – Johnny Cash

Frilling Fashionista: Amber’s Handmade Creations


Today’s Frilling Fashionista is really a Frilling Creativista!  Meet Amber, crochet extraordinaire.  She has been crocheting up some accessory goodness lately, and I couldn’t wait to show you.   Some of my favorites are the fascinators she makes and wears regularly:

Here, her daughter models a barrette version…

B modeling a headband…

And a series of bracelets she’s been wearing and giving as gifts…

So cute, right?  The yellow one came to me for my birthday.  For the record I would just like everyone to know that I was the one who taught Amber basic chain and single crochet stitches waaaaay back when we were in college.  I take no credit for how amazingly her skills have progressed since :)

I know it isn’t winter anymore, far from it here in Texas, but I also had to show you the cute winter hats she makes.  This one was made for her kids’ pediatrician, who saw her son in a baby-sized one and wanted one adult-sized.

The aforementioned baby-sized owl version, modeled by Amber’s adorable baby son:

And a cute little girl’s hat with a pink rosette:

Hurray for handmade fashion accessories!  Amber, you seriously FRILL me.

BTW, folks: Amber is willing to make YOU a handmade accessory.  Send her a facebook message to inquire about designs and pricing.

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Frilling Fashionista: Chansin rocks spring dresses


Hey y’all! Happy Thursday! Meet our newest FRILLING fashionista, Chansin. She is one of my closest friends here in Waco, and the photographer behind ALL of my outfit pics. Chansin is a student at Truett seminary with me, and she is also the youth minister at a local church.

Chansin has an AMAZING body (being a dancer for most of your life will do that to you), and I have come to notice that she wears everything well. Seriously, EVERYTHING.  More specifically, I don’t know another soul who can rock a little spring dress like Chansin does.

Chansin let me help style her for some of these looks. The fun thing about our friendship is that she will patiently humor me as I raid her closet and find gems she didn’t realize she had. Check out the looks we came up with from the clothing and accessories Chansin already owns, and notice her staple accessories that can be worn over and over again!

I’m in LOVE with everything about this dress – the pattern, the color, the fit. Chansin wears it so well, and I love, love, love the scarf that incorporates the green, but adds a different pattern to the mix. Don’t even get me started on the wedges. The girl’s got great legs y’all.

Here Chansin is wearing the same scarf and shoes, but it’s definitely a different look. For one, it’s much brighter. Also, she has tied her scarf and is wearing it as if it were oblong. I also love the belting over the cardigan. It’s amazing how great accessorizing can FRILL things up!

I just love this dress! Isn’t the bird print mixed with a bit of floral just lovely? I also love the sleeves. They really add structure to the already more fitted dress. I love the belt here, too because it cinches the waist nicely and adds a little something extra to the bold pattern of the dress.

I can’t decide, but this might be my favorite of the four looks. Nautical continues to trend this spring, and I love the navy (yes, it’s navy) stripes, with the bright pink pop from the scarf. Stunning! Frilling! Love! I also love the fit with the drawstring and the fact that the dress is sleeveless. This is very practical for the hot Texas weather, and I know Chansin will get a lot of wear out of it.

Did you notice all of the different ways Chansin accessorized? She showed three different looks for wearing a scarf, two different ways to belt an outfit, how to rock flats, sandals, and wedges with spring dresses, and she layered her jewelry. Great job, Chansin. YOU are one FRILLING fashionista!

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Frilling Fashionista: Cristin is trendy on a budget


Hi every one! I’m so excited to introduce you to our newest FRILLING fashionista, Cristin. Cristin and I went to college together at LA Tech, and we have found ourselves together once again in graduate school at Truett Seminary.

Something I have always noticed about Cristin is how she has a way of always looking extra frilling and trendy, even though grad school can suck a person’s shopping funds completely dry! I decided to ask her just how she does it, and she was nice enough to share THREE easy tips that can help a girl keep her wardrobe current, even if she is on a tight budget. Check it out:

Notice the boots Cristin is wearing in all three looks as well as this ruffled skirt. Here’s what she had to say when it comes to splurging on a statement piece:

Each season buy ONE expensive item that you feel is basic for the upcoming trend and can be worn with various combinations. For instance, jeans that can be worn with dressy and casual shirts, boots that can be worn with numerous styles, or a multi-colored skirt that can match most shirts are all just examples of what I mean.”

Check out Cristin’s choices with solids: a cropped black cardigan, a hot pink fitted top, a long, drapey black top, and pictured below –  a simple teal dress, and mustard tights. At youfrillme, we are true believers that any solid can act as a neutral, and can have a lot of versatility as a result. Cristin follows this formula to a tee, and it enables her to get more wear for less cost. Here’s what she had to say:

“Many of us love to keep our closets organized and throw out old clothes that we do not wear anymore. Clean your closet out, but always keep your basic apparel and solid colors. They work for all new trends and it is simple to maintain style with accessories.”

Cristin splurges on one nice piece each season, and she keeps her closet stocked with basic, timeless, versatile items. But she really FRILLS things up with her accessorizing. The extra long knee highs worn in two of her looks, and her two cognac belts add frills to her solid colored clothing. Plus, she has lots of chunky costume jewelry that she can layer up or down as she pleases. Here’s what she had to say:

“Accessories are vital when one is on a tight budget. It is effortless to come across accessories at cheap prices. They add extra style to whatever you are wearing.”

My favorite piece of Cristin’s is her FRILLING ruffled mini skirt. You guys know I’m a sucker for good pattern mixing, and there’s no exception here with the polka dots and floral. It’s a trendier piece that can get lots of wear if you’re not scared to go for it, and Cristin definitely isn’t!  What’s your favorite look?

Thanks, Cristin! You FRILL us!


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Frilling Fashionista: Beth’s Sophisticated Neutrals


Happy Monday!

Today we’re FRILLED to introduce you to Beth.  Beth and I went to college together in Louisiana.  Now we live in the same town and have baby playdates together.  Beth has an amazing sense of style.  Seriously, every time I see this woman, I want to be just like her.  A few things strike me about Beth’s fashion sense:

a) Her wardrobe has great bones.  She spends time hunting down fabulous neutral pieces with which to build her outfits.  And by neutral I do not mean boring.  Her “basic” pieces tend to have great details, embellishments, and lines.
b) She layers brilliantly.  Layers = interest.
c) She pays attention to texture, proportion, and lines.  So sophisticated.
d) Her accessories are always spot on.  Just the right amount of sparkle… or dangle… or pop of color… or glamour…

Case in point:

All the pieces in this outfit are neutral in color (except the scarf, obviously), but the drape of the fabrics, lines, and proportions all come together for a sophisticated business casual look.

Again, several great neutral pieces — drapey cardigan, floral jumper, brown belt, brown loafers –  plus a pop of mustard (you know how we love colored tights!).  And Baby N is adorable on her hip, no?

Here is Beth rocking texture for the win.  Sequins + chunky knit + drapey cotton +  wedge pumps? My mind is blown.  All the colors are soft but the textures make this so interesting.

Finally, I couldn’t leave out this  lovely dress.  Once again, this dress is neutral and versatile, but embellished and interesting with pleats, buttons, and epaulets.  The booties give it the look an edge, but the dress would be equally cute with strappy floral sandals or wedges.  An excellent multi-seasonal go-to frock.  And with a red lip you cannot go wrong.

I asked Beth a few questions about her style, to let us all in on her secrets.

Me: How would you describe your style?

Beth: My style: subtly embellished. I can’t accessorize too much without feeling like I’m playing dress up, but I don’t like to feel plain, so I try to find clothes that offer a bit of flare…a white button up shirt with pleats, a striped tee with puffed sleeves, a colorful belt, or scarf, etc.

Me: Where do you get your clothes?

Beth: I am fortunate to have a mother-in-law and sister-in-law with amazing boutiques. Between rrus & co Vidalia and rrus & co Houma, I have expanded my wardrobe to include a lot of unique pieces. When I shop in Austin, though, my inspiration stores are J.Crew and Anthropologie. I can’t always afford to shop there, but I take ideas and look for similar pieces at Target or Nordstrom Rack.

Me: Quality or Quantity?

Beth: If you ask me quality or quantity, I have to say neither. I put a lot of thought into a purchase, but I still try to avoid spending a lot of money. The perks:  it is very easy to share a closet with my hubby, and I rarely experience buyers remorse.

Me: What’s on your “To Aquire” list for your wardrobe?

Beth: I need flats. The comfortable kind…not the kind I have to add inserts to. I keep my eyes open for simple black, dressy nude, and cobalt blue pairs when I’m out browsing. Also, skirts. Spring is calling my name, and colorful, printed and patterned skirts are on my mind.

Me: Got any tips for being a Mama, but keeping your style cute and current?

Beth: I have a horrible confession. If I have the option to buy something for Baby N or for me, I pick me. My opinion is she looks cuter if I look cute. She doesn’t care if she wears the same 7 outfits again and again, but I would care if I had to. Also, my mommy down time is reading In Style while taking a bath. It helps me stay inspired to put new outfits together with my existing wardrobe.


I hope you’ll all agree that Beth’s style is fabulous.   Thanks Beth!  You’re gorgeous, and your style is FRILLING.

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