Postpartum Style: Hooded Scarf + “Momiform”


I knitted this scarf a couple years ago.  It was my first major knitting project after learning to knit hats.  It’s knitted in a somewhat complicated lacework pattern.  I love to bring it out when it’s chilly.  The baby alpaca yarn is deliciously soft and cozy.  And guess what…

It has a hood!

This outfit is a pretty much my daily uniform (“Momiform” as Shana likes to say) these days: jeggings, a nursing tank, a nursing-and-pooch-friendly button-up or drapey shirt, boots or flats, plus accessories.

I find having a uniform, especially in the postpartum days, immensely useful.  Of all the stages of motherhood, postpartum is the hardest to dress for in my opinion.  The post-baby bod is just….weird. Proportions are different, nursing boobs are bigger, waistline is thicker (although I’m making headway on that), and time and energy for dressing are at a premium.  A uniform that is at least somewhat stylish, that you can throw on in a hurry after you hopefully got a shower and before everyone is awake and wanting to be fed… can do wonders for your day.   I’m not gonna lie; I’d love to be wearing adorable dresses and tights and skirts on a daily basis, but I gotta be where I am.  And that is in jeggings, most likely wearing a child strapped to my body.

Regardless of my style limitations at this point in my life, I can still wear Frilling accessories like my hooded scarf, a cool bracelet, a fabulous bag, and comfy-yet-stylish wedge booties.  These Toms booties have been a gem of my postpartum wardrobe this season. And the bracelets were some of my fave Christmas gifts.

top: Stylemint / jeggings: Athleta / nursing tank: GlamourMom / booties: Toms / scarf: handmade / shades: Aldo / cuff bracelet: Baublebar / brass infinity bracelet: MasloJewelry / tote: Madewell

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Golden Globes 2013: The Highlights


Did anyone watch the Golden Globes Sunday night? Award season is upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited! Here is my list of “favorites”, “bests” and “mosts” if you didn’t get a chance to watch or are just interested in what I have to say! Haha! Hope everyone is having a Happy Tuesday!

Favorite Dresses: 

Claire Danes in Atelier Versace (Image via here)

Claire Danes was absolutely stunning as usual, and she was clearly glowing having just had her baby son a month ago. Claire won Best Actress for TV Drama, and had a fantastic speech. I think she’s great!

Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera (image via here)

This dress is definitely unconventional and even over the top, but it won me over as I watched her interview on the red carpet. The structure of the dress is perfection and the floral print with the gray background gave it what she described as a modern feel. She definitely took a risk with this one, and I think it paid off!

Taylor Swift in Donna Karan Atelier (image via here)

I had to include Taylor Swift on the list because she has been impressing me lately with her mature fashion choices. Her normal go-to would be a princess-cut so she totally surprised me with the structure of this dress and with the color, too. Stunning!

Katharine McPhee in Olivier Theyskens for Theory (image via here)

I normally don’t go for super low-cut dresses, but Katharine McPhee was absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet. She wears this gown so well. My vote for best dressed of the night!

Favorite nod to the Queen: Jennifer Lawrence

Everyone knows Meryl Streep is the Queen of the biz (with 17 Oscar nods and 27 Golden Globe nods so far). Sadly she was home with the flu, but when Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress in a Comedy Movie for her role in Silver Lining’s Playbook, she gave the best shout-out ever with her reference from the movie First Wives’ Club. Anyone recognize it?

Best Speech: Adele

Adele won Best Original Song for Skyfall, and she had the funnest speech of them all!

Most hilarious presenters: Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig

There’s not much to say here. This improv had me laughing out loud!

Best Zinger: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler on Taylor Swift’s constant relationship changes

These ladies co-hosting were the highlight of my night. They were so legitimately funny, and I’m not the only one who thought so. The ratings were up for the first time in six years thanks to them!

Biggest Surprise: Ben Affleck wins Best Director for Argo

Normally the same people that are nominated for Golden Globes go on to be nominated in the same category at the Oscars. So I was super surprised when Ben Affleck didn’t even garner a nomination at the Oscars for directing Argo. What a snub! What a surprise when he actually took home the award in the same category at the Golden Globes. Usually the winner of the Golden Globes is a shoo-in for the Academy Award. Who knows who will win it now! Congrats to Ben Affleck though; totally well-deserved!

(Image via here)

Frilling Fashionista: Tracee’s Chic Details


My friends, this is Tracee.

Cousin Tracee.  Cousin Tracee came for a visit over the holidays and let me photograph her in the Frilling outfit she was wearing; although, she’s Frilling every time I see her — this is just a sample of her Frillingness. She’s actually Jordan’s cousin, but I claim her.  She’s mine, I tell you!  I mean, wouldn’t you want to be related to someone so chic? Not only does she have great taste, but she also lives in Brooklyn (NY!) and works for this ministry organization, and is overall a swell gal.  Which makes her a Triple Frill.

The outfit is pretty basic in concept and very wearable: jeans, boots, top, cardigan — the ultimate timeless fall/winter uniform.  It’s the details that are so pretty and interesting and thoughtful, and, I think, the hallmark of Tracee’s style.  Starting with the jeans, which are both printed and burgundy, two of this season’s best trends. They’re also skinny-straight (I like JCrew’s “Matchstick” description for this style), and cropped perfectly above the boot at the ankle.

Moving on to the long cardigan, also burgundy for a monochromatic palette; and the black silky hip-length top.  The top actually has a really nice boxy shape that I didn’t capture in the photos…

Grounding the look with a pair of killer low-heeled boots…  (Burgundy denim + cognac leather = divine. )

And topped with pitch-perfect, thoughtfully chosen accessories: an abstract floral scarf, dangly bow-tie earrings, a chunky statement ring, an interesting mixed-metal necklace, and a menswear watch.

Jeans: The Loft / Top: JC Penney / Cardigan: Target / Boots: Chelsea Crew / Ring: Nordstrom Rack / Watch: Fossil / Necklace: Birdhouse Jewelry / Scarf: Urban Outfitters

Tracee had this to say…

On shopping:
“I love shopping, but I also love finding a bargain. I will splurge on shoes if needed, they must be cute and comfy…I live in NYC and I am always on my feet! I also see a lot of expressions of style throughout this city — some I like, some I don’t! While I have always loved clothes and shoes, I have come to appreciate fashion even more while living in new york. For a woman who enjoys shopping, it becomes very difficult living in NYC on a budget, since there are lots of clothes to choose from and always somewhere to find them.”

On her personal style:
“If I see something I really like, I will make it work for me. I am relatively aware of trends, but don’t just dress by them. I love shoes, so I often pick the shoes first and then build around them. I love skinny jeans or jeggings and cardigans. I’m also a fan of dresses, but it’s winter right now and I can’t imagine wearing one! I enjoy taking simple pieces and adding some flare. I love jewelry, but typically simple pieces. My style is sometimes described as a preppy hipster or prep with some flare.”

The thing about fashion on a budget is that you have to really think through what you’re going to spend your resources on and be intentional, which I think can make for a better overall wardrobe.  At least it does for Tracee. I can’t decide on my favorite part of this outfit. It’s so well curated. I love everything.  What’s your favorite piece?

Thanks Tracee!  Your chic-ness Frills us!


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Frilling Fashionistas: Katelyn’s Eclectic Style Choices


Hi all. Happy Friday! Today we are excited to introduce our first FRILLING fashionista of 2013! I have been pestering my old friend from seminary, Katelyn, to send me photographs of her awesome style choices for a while now, and she finally did! Thanks Katelyn!

Katelyn lives with her husband and adorable English Bulldog in East Texas. She has a Masters of Divinity AND a Masters in Spanish. Do yourself a favor and check out her blog for some thoughtful writing and insights into her family’s daily life.

I have always admired Katelyn and her eclectic style choices. You really never know what she’ll be wearing next, but it’s always super frilling and thoughtful. She always stays true to herself and wears whatever she likes rather than staying within the confines of certain looks. Katelyn says that on any given day, you’ll find her outfit choice inspired by classic, bohemian, hipster, modern vintage, or even grungy cues. Because of this, I find her style to be pretty eclectic.

Check out the stunning pics below, and catch tidbits of Katelyn’s style inspiration along the way!

“This is an example of when I want to add ‘frills’ to a simple outfit. I’ll take a simple sweater and skinnies and add glasses and a fun hairdo as accessories.”

“I like to wear accessories or clothes that mean something to me. Everyday I wear a ring from my time working at a church in Chile, a bracelet my mom brought me from Brazil, my everyday purse is from Chile, etc. In the winter my favorite beanie is a gift my dad brought me from Peru. I love collecting pieces from around the world. My favorite pieces have meaning behind them, and I think that’s why recently I’ve been drawn to vintage, bc even though I don’t know the story behind them, I know there is one.”

sweater: Modcloth / pants: Old Navy / shoes: Steve Madden / earrings & purse: Paizlee /  watch: Michael Kors / bracelet & ring: travel souvenirs 

“I dress for myself. I am just as confident going to dinner in sweats & no makeup as I am if I get all dolled up. I might not feel as cute, but I don’t let the way I look determine my self value. If others wonder why I’m not wearing makeup, it doesn’t bother me. So if I feel like dressing cute, I do, and if I don’t, then I don’t. “

“I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. Anything expensive is either a gift, bought with a gift card, or on sale. I enjoy seeing expensive outfits and recreating them in my own budget. I’ll only splurge on things I know will get a lot of wear such as shoes.”

hat and chambray: Gap / pants: Old Navy / boots: Jessica Simpson 

“I’m just loving hats lately. And colored pants of course. Because of where I live I often feel stylistically out of place. So, if I’m going to wear something a little bolder like a hat, I tend to tone down my outfit. I still put together something cute, but it’s a little more plain than it would be if I didn’t wear a hat. But then again, sometimes I just go for it!”

“I love tights and pattern mixing, so I loved this outfit enough to wear it in our Christmas cards.” 

dress: Ruche / tights: Madewell / shoes: Clarks

Thanks so much for sharing your style with us, Katelyn! And if you haven’t realized it by now, you totally FRILL us!!

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Frilling Fashionistas: A Year in Review


Hi everyone! Happy New Year! We are excited to begin another FRILLING year on the blog. Last year, we started a new series called “Frilling Fashionistas” which celebrates everyday women and their frilling, unique styles. Check out our Frilling Fashionistas of 2012 below, click on their names to read their posts, and then check back Friday when we introduce our first Frilling Fashionista of 2013!

Stephanie of Teal Annie: 

Jo Ann and her closet makeover: 

Amber and her handmade creations: 

Chansin and her fun spring/summer dresses: 

Bethie and her impeccable neutrals: 

Cristin is trendy on a budget:

Bethany color coordinates: 


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A Pop of Red


Hard to believe Christmas has already came and went! I had such a nice time this holiday season and am looking forward to ringing in the New Year with a fabulous Dance Party at Fran and Jordan’s home. Can’t wait to show y’all my dress!

In between all the holiday parties, my birthday, Christmas and New Years, I’ve been dressing down a lot. On casual, comfy days I still like to add some FRILLS, like a pop of red and a patterned clutch.

My husband’s office rented out a theater downtown for a prescreening of The Hobbit a few weeks ago. It was so much fun to get to see such a highly anticipated movie early! There wasn’t much else going on that day for us, so I wanted to be casual and comfortable since it was a pretty long movie.

What a fun day! What are your go-to pieces to frill up a casual look?

hat: F21 / Lips: “Russian Red” by MAC / Sweater: Urban Outfitters / Silk Cami: Madewell / Pants: Banana Republic Factory Store / Boots: DSW / Clutch: J Crew

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Old Made New: Refreshing the 90s Dress


Hi all! This week Stephanie of Teal Annie continues her guest post collab with us!  Don’t forget to check out her etsy shop for some great Christmas gift ideas if you haven’t already! 

Stephanie here! Happy Wednesday to you all! Today I’m going to share one of my favorite old items to make new.

I really enjoy finding frumpy ole’ dresses at thrift stores, bringing them home, and giving them a fresh look. I’m going to show you how to very basically alter a 90′s dress.

1. Find a 90′s dress at your local thrift store. During your search, look for a print that catches your eye or a color that is your favorite to wear. Look for dresses that have a straight or box shape, and with no zipper. These are easier to alter (with basic sewing skills). I always like going with a dress that is a bit larger than my normal size so that I have some extra room to play with the fabric.

2. Measure and mark the length of the fabric you want to cut off of the bottom of the dress. Add an extra inch to account for the hemmed portion.

3. Apply a line of masking tape across the dress where you marked your measurement (this helps me to cut straight across). Cut off the fabric below the tape.

4. Snip off those shoulder pads. ;)

5. Roll under the cut portion (about 1.5 inches) of the bottom dress fabric holding with straight pins. Sew the hem with your sewing machine.

6. Style with a coat, black tights, boots, and your favorite necklace for a fun winter outfit!

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Statement skirt


Urg, I didn’t notice the light bubble on the pictures until it was too late. Oh well. Moving on. Don’t you love when you buy a piece only to find out that it goes with just about everything in your closet? You can’t know it until you’ve had it a while, but once you realize it, it’s a very happy surprise. That’s how I feel about this skirt.

I’ve been wearing it for a couple of months now in so many different ways, and I keep forgetting to photograph its versatility! I love this skirt because it has amazing structure that is totally frilling because it can be dressed up or down. I also love the print. It’s both fun and classic, and it’s not too bold to mix with various patterns and fabrics.

Plus, it’s totally flattering. I bought this skirt online so I was really taking a chance, and it worked! I’m anticipating wearing and loving this skirt for many seasons to come!

skirt: J Crew Collection / sweater: tippy sweater from J Crew / necklace: Zara / chain link bracelet, bangle, and ring: J Crew / shoes: Clarks

Do you have a “statement” skirt you love?

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It’s the holiday season


“It’s the holiday season!” (That song is stuck in my head!) It’s still pretty warm outside, but at least it’s December now. I’ve been totally getting into the holiday spirit.

I’ve been waking up extra early so I can listen to Christmas hymns and enjoy the lights on our little tree while I ponder the true meaning of Christmas.

I’ve been wrapping Christmas presents and watching Hallmark Christmas movies and drinking hot tea and hot chocolate.

And of course, I’ve been dressing for the season. I’m especially loving my plaid headband and this French lady sweater.

head band, shirt, sweater, pants: J Crew / shoes: Ralph Lauren

What are you doing to enjoy the Christmas season?

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Old Made New: Tips for Displaying your Handmade Goods


Hi all! This week Stephanie of Teal Annie continues her guest post collab with us, and we couldn’t be more impressed by her constant creativity. Also, don’t forget to check out her etsy shop for some great Christmas gift ideas if you haven’t already! 


This past weekend my husband and I participated in our first Arts Festival. It was a festival in our town that featured local artists and their work. I sold my repurposed jewelry as well as my collection of vintage clothes and purses. This festival gave us the opportunity to meet and talk with the locals about our work.

Here are 3 tips to setting up and selling your own goods to the public:

1. Select display racks/stands/containers that will showcase your goods clearly and organized. 

You want your goods to be displayed in a way where customers can easily touch, pick up, look at, and put back your goods. The items should be shown in a way that is visibly nice to the eye and as the actual item will look when in use. For example, I have the necklaces hanging and laid out on the table as they would look when worn, instead of tangled in a bowl. I also included a mannequin bodice wearing a dress and necklace to help the customer visualize what the items will look like when worn.

I used a wire basket for small clutch purses, an old metal rack for larger purses, and a metal clothing rack for hanging the vintage clothes.

2. Clearly price all of your items, and display your shop name. 

You can include a label/tag on each item, or if all of your items are the same price, you can just make one sign that says “All items = $$.” This is probably the most important tip because we all know it is sometimes awkward when asking the price of an item. ;) You should also have your shop name/brand displayed in an area that is easy to see.

My husband hand-painted this awesome sign for us to set up on the sidewalk for passerby’s before they came in to see each of our separate display spaces.

3. Have your business cards easily accessible to customers. 

Have your cards located on your main table where customers can take one if they want. You can also include a card with the purchased item.

If you have never participated in an arts festival and want to, I encourage you to go and check out some of your local festivals and start planning your festival debut! It is a lot of fun and is a great way to meet artists/crafters/bakers and other locals.

If you are familiar with festivals, I hope this has provided some inspiration! And if you just attend festivals, then continue supporting your local artists; they love sharing their goods with you!

- Stephanie

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