A day-to-night look


A day-to-night look is important for Texas Falls, not just for frills, but for functionality as well. Most days are warm, but the nights tend to cool off. Layers are a must!

The basics I’m using for my day-to-night look here are J Crew’s Perfect Shirt and Toothpick Jean. And by the way, the toothpicks are the perfect skinny pant for short people. I have them rolled here, but they have a cropped fit, which on me translates as a normal length jean. Plus, they are super comfortable. Frilling, y’all.

Clothing: head-to-toe J Crew / Jewelry: Necklaces: Teal Annie / Ring: Circle & Square 

If you can’t tell, this look practically screams “comfort”. And in case you couldn’t tell, I added the ever casually-chic, front-tuck. Perfect for a day of shopping or running errands.

The tartan pattern on this top reminds me that the holidays are indeed approaching, despite what the weather may have to say about it. Plus, the cotton fabric is super cozy, and I love pairing it with this plaid, red headband for an extra festive look.


For my night-time look I let my hair down, and – surprise-surprise – I added red lipstick for a pop of color.

In keeping with the comfortable, but festive theme, I slipped on my oversized merino pocket sweater. I also buttoned my top up completely. I want that tartan showing!

I also added my go-to black boots. I love how they make every outfit a little more funky and fun!

Shoes: Blowfish / Bag: J Crew Factory / Sweater: J Crew / Lips: MAC

Do you have any tips for an easy transition from a day-to-night look? What are some creative, frilling habits you have? Share!

Frill up your look from “just fine” to “too fab”


Today I give you my advice for FRILLING up an every day look, using one of my basic closet essentials: the J Crew Tippy Sweater (get one, no two or three if you haven’t already). I mention the sweater because I want to prepare you for the many future posts that will be including it. What a palette! What function and versatility! The definition of frilling, I’m telling you.

I paired the sweater with this Banana Republic lace skirt, tights, and my Clarks Indigo mary janes. Fine enough I guess. But what do I do when I want to frill up an ordinary, just sufficient look?

  1. Add some jewels. A great bangle, layered bracelets or a statement necklace. Because I’m still pondering my wishlist for the perfect bib necklace via Baublebar, I layered 3 or 4 pearl necklaces here, along with my favorite chunky ring from Circle & Square.
  2. Frill up your accessories. I switched out the boring black tights for some of these navy and black polka dot ones. Love, love, love.
  3. Add some funky shoes. I love my Clarks mary jane-esque shoes, but I was going for something different here. So, I switched them out for my Clarks Heath Wren booties for a more current look.
  4. Finally, add red lips. Always add red lips. I am coming up on my one year anniversary of the realization (thanks Fran!) that I can totally rock red lips. I am now convinced anyone can. Here I’m wearing Russian Red by MAC.
**What I should have done to complete this fab look was add a top-knot. Next time!

Got any advice for how you like to spice up your look? Share in the comments!

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Frilling Friday: Winner of the Teal Annie Giveaway


Happy Friday everyone! Using a true random number generator AND including the extra entries of those who followed Teal Annie on instagram, I’m excited to announce that the winner of this week’s giveaway – a $50 gift certificate to the Teal Annie Etsy Shop – is…

Heather Hall Hanzelka! Congrats Heather! Email us at youfrillme (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize! As for the rest of us, Stephanie’s baubles are totally affordable, so I hope you’ll treat yourself to something very soon!

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Frilling Fashionista: Stephanie Combines her Love of Vintage and Thrift


Hi all! Today marks the first guest post of many to come from Stephanie of Teal Annie, and we thought we’d start things off right with a Frilling Fashionista post! What I love about Stephanie is that she knows who she is, and she owns it and rocks it! Her personality comes out through her style, and we just can’t get enough! Get ready to be totally FRILLED by her creativity. Also, don’t forget that it’s not too late to enter the Teal Annie giveaway


Hello! My name is Stephanie Dugard, and I’m here to tell you a little bit about myself, my love for finding old/vintage items, and how I’ve learned about my personal style.

Fringe Harvest Moon Tee: LuneVintage / Boots: Urban Outfitters


Finding my own unique sense of style has been a creative process. I can see how it has developed and changed over the years. While in middle school and high school, I began venturing out and wearing crazy outfits and pretty much anything that was different and would distinguish me from someone else. I then became very interested in vintage clothes and thrift shopping.

I have a few go-to pieces that I wear every day or every other day. I will literally wear something until it is unable to be worn…until it rips or falls apart.

My go-to item at the moment are these jean shorts and band tee. I wore the shorts all summer and now can pair them with black, grey, or wine colored tights for the fall/winter. I CAN’T STOP WEARING THEM. They will one day soon fall apart, and then I will have a new go-to piece..and that’s the way I like it! ;)

Vintage Band tee: thrifted / necklace: crystal moon from Teal Annie / Shorts: American Eagle / Tights: Target

I mostly shop for clothes at thrift stores or my sister’s closet. I tend to make 2-3 more expensive, quality purchases a season on staple items I really, really want. For the fall, I splurged on these boots from Urban, a screen printed pullover from Blackbirdtees on Etsy, and some tights from Gap.

Horse graphic top: H&M / skirt: F21 / bag: thrifted / shoes: Keds / Jewelry: Teal Annie

bags: thrifted

I’ve been able to blend my love of vintage and thrifted items, my learnings from experiments with repurposing old clothing, and what I’ve seen in fashion through the years into my own unique individual style. At this time, I would describe my style as Vintage Fun with a flare of Boho Rocker. 

dress: upcycled from thrifted “school teacher” dress / shoes: Keds / Necklace: Teal Annie

dress: Vintage 70s / Necklace: Teal Annie / Record: my fave – Johnny Cash

Frilling accessories: J Crew calf hair wide belt


Happy Tuesday y’all! There is nothing like a good statement accessory to FRILL up your everyday wear. For instance, here I’m wearing J Crew’s calf hair wide belt.

I have to admit, I was a little hesitant about this purchase at first. Would I like it 5 years from now? How much wear could I REALLY get out of an animal print belt? I tend not to wear a lot of belts, so it was a risk for me!

My rule of thumb for this belt and for any piece you own, love, but aren’t quite sure how to wear is this: put it on with every relevant outfit possible, just to see how it looks. So far, I have only ended up taking it off once! It’s amazing how versatile and functional this belt has been for me. I am really, REALLY happy with this purchase. It has definitely added to my wardrobe, and as y’all could have guessed, I am especially smitten with the extra frills created when I mix it with another print.

I’m also loving and wearing the heck out of my Teal Annie necklaces. Anything made with love and a unique story is extra special to me. And our giveaway is still going on, so don’t forget to enter for your chance to win $50 to the Teal Annie Etsy Shop

Necklaces: Teal Annie / Top and Cardigan: Madewell / Belt and Pants: J Crew / Boots: Blowfish / Chain link bracelet and bow ring: J Crew 

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Win a $50 gift certificate to the Teal Annie Etsy shop!


Happy Friday everyone! Today we are FRILLED to introduce you all to Stephanie Dugard, creator of Teal Annie, a vintage clothing and accessories brand. Teal Annie originated from Stephanie’s desire to create and produce things with a unique story.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Teal Annie over the next two months through a series of regular guest posts by Stephanie. We cannot wait for her to share her creativity with us! Stephanie, you FRILL us!!

To celebrate, we are kicking things off with a super fab giveaway! Enter for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to the Teal Annie Etsy shop! For the giveaway, all you have to do is:

1: Visit the Teal Annie Etsy shop and take a look around.

2: Leave a comment below telling us your favorite piece from the shop.

3: “Like” the Youfrillme Facebook page.

And for an extra entry: 

4: Follow @Tealannie on Instagram!

That’s it! The giveaway will be open until next Thursday, November 8th at 10 pm CST. Check back next Friday to see if you are the winner! And don’t forget to keep an eye out for Stephanie’s first guest post! Also, follow her on twitter (@StephanieDugard)!

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Structure, color, and a giveaway hint


HINT: Tomorrow’s giveaway will have something to do with the origins of this necklace I’m wearing. Can you guess what it might be? I suggest you get excited!!

Lately I’ve been having fun playing with different types of structures and colors. For instance, this top and skirt both have a wide, boxy kind of fit, and I am loving the chic look it creates. I am starting to realize just how much women tend to want to wear clothing that is form-fitting. I’ve personally always been a fan of extra-drapey stuff, but then again, I’m also very petite and don’t have much to show off anyway.

My natural inclination was to tuck this top in, but I couldn’t resist the structured lines created by both top and bottom when it was out.

I also played with color-blocking by layering cream colors on top and dark colors below the knee. I wanted my skirt to be the focal point with extra pops of pink on my wrist and lips.

Cardigan: Gap Body / Top: H&M / Skirt and knee highs: J Crew / Boots: Blowfish / Pink Bangle, Chain link bracelet, bow ring: J Crew / Lips: MAC (“Girl About Town”) 

This is probably going to sound silly, but I like what I wear to represent a colorful palette of the creativity I have to offer the world. I try to make everything I do (including  everything I wear) frilling and purposeful.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for news on our latest giveaway and a big announcement!

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Frilling Fall Trends


Prepare yourself for a long post! Now that Fall has arrived in Texas in weather and not just in name, I am excited about seeing some of Fall’s most frilling trends on people and in stores as the holiday season approaches. As always, I’ve been drooling over some beautiful pieces (and photos) from some of my favorite fashion blogs. Please join me!


Bold, bright colors are still going strong this fall, so don’t be afraid to rock your neon! BUT navy and especially burgundy are the big colors for this fall. For two shades I have never favored, I’m surprised at how quickly and willing I am to jump on this bandwagon.

From Atlantic-Pacific:

From Wendy’s Lookbook: 

From My Style Pill:

From Eat Sleep Wear:


Brocade, Tweed, and Velvet

Heavy, substantial, traditional, even ornate – these classic materials are totally IN, and while I’m not convinced quite yet that I’ll partake (not sure how timeless these trendy pieces would be in my wardrobe), they are proving to be very enjoyable as eye candy for me. So maybe don’t be too surprised if you catch me in velvet pants sooner than later…

From Atlantic-Pacific:

From Wendy’s Lookbook:

Notice the burgundy?

From This Time Tomorrow:

Leather Detailing

Whether it’s an extra leather ruffle to a black skirt, the sleeves of your jacket or your blazer’s lapels, take a trip to your tailor, and add some leather detailing to FRILL things up. Or buy something new if you dare!

From Eat Sleep Wear:

From Wendy’s Lookbook:

From Brooklyn Blonde (and check out the burgundy!!)

Prints: Plaid, Gingham, and Animal Print

Animal prints are still going strong (Fran says animal print is timeless). Meanwhile, gingham and plaids with an emphasis on flannel are making major headway this fall.

From Atlantic-Pacific:

From This Time Tomorrow:

From Wendy’s Lookbook:

Also, don’t forget to check out Fran’s post from Monday if you haven’t already. Statement necklaces (specifically bib necklaces) are IN and in a big way! What do you think of the major trends this Fall? Anything you can’t stand or are dying to have?

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I Recently Discovered Bauble Bar…


… and gals, am I smitten. Every so often, a gal just needs a few updated accessories, preferably at a reasonably inexpensive price point, and Bauble Bar has them. I could go crazy in here. I’ve been doing a much-needed clear-out of my jewelry collection, donating what no longer Frills me, is of questionable quality (broken beyond repair) or no longer works for my wardrobe, and making room for a few new replacement Frills.  Statement necklaces are in*, in a big way (just look at J Crew’s newest looks; they’re bold, colorful and delightfully gaudy), and big bangles and cuffs are always my go-to accessory; pretty much not a day goes by that I’m not wearing a few chunky bracelets – I love them!

Here are six FRILLING and affordable pieces from Bauble Bar:

1) Flame Duo Necklace
2) Cobra Tribal Cuff
3) Maize Naples Bangle
4) Bubblegum Bauble Bib
5) Infinity Cuff
5) Royal Floral Bib

They have earrings too.  I don’t personally go in for big fancy earrings; they don’t really work with my hair very well, and I generally have the same pair of small earrings on most of the time.  But I know lots of gals who are FRILLED by nothing more than big, swoopy, fun earrings.

Last week I had the fun privilege of playing personal shopper for a friend who needed a few additions to her accessory collection.  My mission was to “buy anything cool,” within a budget of course.  It was so fun to shop for interesting, versatile baubles for someone other than myself, with someone else’s dinero. I spent a happy hour or so looking and debating pieces, trying to choose ones that she’d get lots of use out of and have fun wearing.  And what fun for her to open the package of goodies!

Would you do this?  Would you let someone else choose accessories/clothes/shoes for you with your own money?  I would probably only trust someone who knows my taste really well and has enough fashion daring to push my limits a little, i.e. Aurelia :)


*Not sure how to wear a statement necklace?  Here’s an everyday example.

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Frilling Maternity: Party Outfit


We had a tea party!

To celebrate Baby T.  It was really special.  When Little B was born, Jordan and I had just moved to San Francisco and didn’t really know anyone; so there was no baby party or shower, which made me a little sad.  But Aurelia stepped in and planned a gorgeous tea party for me and Baby T this time around, and I loved it. We promise to show you more of it, but for today, this is what I wore.

(shown here with MVP cardigan, which has since met its untimely demise due to a well-meaning husband’s laundry efforts.  Want to make a very-pregnant, very emotional Mama cry?  Shrink her favorite cardigan.)

(dress: Liz Lange Maternity for Target / booties: Aldo / necklace: Mother necklace / scarf: can’t remember / bangles: gifted / ring: EcoBohemia)

These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, at 37 weeks.  Now at 39 weeks, I’m desperate to get Baby T out into the world.  This will be my last maternity post.  Wow, I want my body back.

More party posts to come!

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