Frilling Friday

Frilling Friday: Winner of the Teal Annie Giveaway


Happy Friday everyone! Using a true random number generator AND including the extra entries of those who followed Teal Annie on instagram, I’m excited to announce that the winner of this week’s giveaway – a $50 gift certificate to the Teal Annie Etsy Shop – is…

Heather Hall Hanzelka! Congrats Heather! Email us at youfrillme (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize! As for the rest of us, Stephanie’s baubles are totally affordable, so I hope you’ll treat yourself to something very soon!

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Frilling Friday: Some Links


I’m hunting for some fun lamps for my new living room, which is slowly acquiring furnishings. This yellow one looks zippy.

This blog makes me chuckle.

I’ve been looking for some fresh-to-me blogs to read, and recently added this one to my feed.

Indiana gave birth to her 10-pound baby girl in 20 minutes flat.  And guess where she landed, bless her heart.

This seems like great advice for helping avoid impulse buying.  via.  On a similar note, I did the exercise she recommends.  My words are:  playful, uncluttered, unexpected, comfortable, creative.

I like this advice on getting dressed.


Happy Weekend!  Hopefully I won’t be pregnant anymore by Monday, but you never can tell.  Just don’t bug me about it, ok?




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Frilling Friday: It’s Too Hot to Go Outside…


…(105 degrees) At least for Mama…

So we explore some indoor artistic activities…

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Frilling Friday: Summer Reading


You know me, always reading.  I’ve been always reading ever since I was a tiny little girl and could read at all.  I always read the entire summer reading list in grade school, and usually won the “most books read for the year” award.  Haha, I’m a lifelong book nerd.  Like my friend Ali, I’m one of those who always has multiple books going, usually one in each room. Here’s some of what I’ve been reading lately:

Sci-Fi / Fantasy:
The Glory Road, by Robert Heinlen.  My brother had picked up a copy for fifty cents at a library sale and passed it along to me. Love a good classic fantasy that’s vintage and smart and gutsy and totally quotable.  Just finished it.

Discipline Without Distress, by Judy Arnall.  B is fast approaching the two-year-old phase, and I want some gentle tools to help her (and us) through a big developmental year.  This book was recommended by Carrie at The Parenting Passageway, one of my favorite parenting blogs.  I’m not very far into it yet, so we’ll see if it resonates.

Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone, by Abram Hoffman, MD and Andrew Saul.  You’re really interested, right?  Well, you should be.  It’s for everyone.

War Brides, by Helen Bryan.  I’m a sucker for novels set in WWII.  This one is a free borrow for Amazon Prime members, yippee.

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, by Cheryl Strayed.  Just finished this book a few days ago.  It’s Oprah’s current book club pick.  The story of Cheryl Strayed’s 3-month-long distance hike is fascinating.

Got anything great on your bedside table, bathroom counter, desk, laundry-folding table, ipod, or by your favorite comfy chair this summer?

Frilling Friday: Four Frilling Things


Today I’m FRILLED by these things:

1) A little gal who has serious love for sunflower seed butter.  Takes after her mama.

2) The chance to practice writing my signature about a hundred times earlier today at our house closing.  Wahoo!  Let the renovations begin!

3) The first of many Dresden Flower Garden quilt blocks sewn by my mom for Baby T’s quilt.  We had such fun picking out the colorful fabrics, many of which are vintage reproduction.

4) These delicious, healthy, vegan, gluten-free berry crumble bars. (hint: these make great breakfast):


Anything FRILLING you today?





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Frilling Friday: Nursery Inspiration


We found out last week that it’s a girl!  Her name is Baby T… (hehe you thought I was gonna tell you her name.  nope).  I’m so excited for B to have a sister! They’ll be about two years apart, so hopefully they’ll be good friends and playmates.  I’ve always been jealous of my friends who have sisters (not that I don’t love my bro, not to mention my frilling sis-in-law), and I’m happy at the prospect of living the sister dream through my little girls.

I’ve thought all along that this was another girl baby, and now that we’re sure I’m right, I’m getting all excited about Baby T’s nursery.  So I spent some time looking around the internets collecting some inspiration.  Here are a few of my picks, but you can check out the entire pinboard here.

(Pam, don’t buy any of this stuff.  It’s just an inspiration board.)

Notebook Pouf (Little Choux via LayBabyLay)


I’m liking these light gray walls (Daffodil Design via Pinterest)

Aqua Crow’s Feet Rug (Land of Nod)

Sigh…this will not be in my budget, but… (Land of Nod)


Remember B’s handmade quilt? My mom just started work on Baby T’s quilt yesterday.  It will be Dresden Flower Garden pattern, and will look sortof similar to this (but different) in vintage-inspired fabrics.  I wanted the girls’ quilts to be able to look nice together for when they eventually share a room, but didn’t want them to be the same.   (photo via Pinterest)


This comes in a variety of colors.  I’m thinking red. (OwlyouneedisLove)


And wouldn’t this screen-printed ampersand pillow sit perfectly in that glider?  I’m thinking a red ampersand… (gracious home)

Don’t forget to check out more of my nursery inspiration pins here.
Happy Friday!

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Frilling Friday: Reading List


Happy Friday!

Do you have some books you’re dying to read this summer?  I have several.  It’s been a little while since I last posted a reading list, and since I’m always reading something, I thought I’d share some of what is currently on my Kindle.

Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quintet

Oh man, how did I miss this when I was a kid?  It’s fun to read as an adult, because I think I pick up on more of the complexities than I would have at 12, but I would have loved these as a kid.  I’m currently in the midst of the second book, A Wind in the Door.  If you haven’t read them, they are classic YA lit.

Paris in Love, by Eloise James

This one was a birthday gift from Ali.  It’s a light, fun read; a memoir of the author’s year in Paris with her husband and two kids, in the form of brief essays, facebook posts, and tweets.  Interesting and lovely.  Now I’m intrigued by Eloise James, with whom I was unfamiliar, and may have to try out a novel of hers.  I think she writes primarily chick-lit romance novels (you do not hear a disparaging tone out of me; I like a good romance as much as the next gal), but she’s a Shakespeare professor, so I bet that adds a dimension to her work.

Christian Theology:
The Mosaic of Christian Belief: Twenty Centuries of Unity and Diversity

Another birthday gift, this one from Aurelia.  Dr Olson is a professor at Truett.  He has a great blog on theology, which I read from time to time.  I just started this book, and I’m looking forward to referring back to it.

Bringing up Bebe

I’m hearing such interesting things from friends and acquaintances about this book, that I’m not going to be able to resist it any longer.  Download.


I’m looking for a good, big, juicy novel to take on vacation next week.  Any suggestions?

Are you reading anything you can’t put down these days, in any genre?


ps: If you didn’t see yesterday’s Frilling Fashionista, Chansin, in adorable spring dresses, check her out!

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Frilling Friday: The Head and The Heart, and Ladybird Johnson


First off, a new favorite band, The Head and The Heart.  Jordan, the best music-finder, found them. Listen and love:

Secondly, yesterday we went to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.  It was lovely.  If you ever find yourself around Austin with nothing to do, it’s a nice outing.

We then ate lunch at Bouldin Creek Cafe, a vegetarian restaurant and coffeehouse.  It was yum.  I got the vegan Soul Food Platter.  But I forgot to take a pic before I ate it up.

Tomorrow we’re having a birthday party!  for me!  Huzzah! I love Birthday Week!

(PS: Ugh, I found another scorpion this morning!  This time in the bathtub!  *shiver*)


Frilling Friday: Found (Vintage?) Objects


My mother was recently unpacking some boxes and found some items of interest.

a) A plastic director’s chair owned by toddler me.

(someone really likes it)


b) My tooth fairy pillow.  Insert gross dead tooth, out pops shiny money magic in the morning.

c) This framed cross-stitch, which is going into B’s room just as soon as she gets one.

This raises a question with me: how old does something have to be before it’s considered vintage?  Is my childhood paraphernalia now vintage?  hmmm.

In other news, this is my new favorite design blog. For three reasons:
1) She lives in Monroe, Louisiana; which means that she is practically my homegirl.
2) Her style is completely killer*, and so is her sense of humor. I wish she could come decorate my house when I get one.
3) She says Y’ALL.  Like, all over the internets.  She’s legit, y’all.*


*Except that I disagree with her on the subject of monograms.  I don’t love monograms.
*Don’t try to use this word on the internet unless you are a bona fide southerner and you actually use it in your daily vernacular.  If you aren’t, and you do, people will know you for a fraud.  This would be like me trying to say “eh”, eh?  or “ootside”.  or “yes I bloody well am”. *  It’s not bloody good, eh y’all.
*No, bloody is not a swear word cause Ron says it all the time in Harry Potter.

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Frilling Friday: Texas Bluebonnets


Spring is here, and the bluebonnets have sprung! The Texas State Flower is lovely to behold, and behold, it is everywhere around here!

We had a lovely big patch in the yard…until my dad came along yesterday and bush-hogged them. (“Whaa? Flowers? I was just mowing the weeds down. Oh. Sorry.”) Fortunately there were a few left standing and I was able to capture them.  Technically I think you’re not supposed to pick them, but we’re on private property so… picking, bush-hogging, what’s the difference?

I walked down the road a bit to another lot where there was a large, intact patch.  I think they are so charming.

And this is Texas for you: Bluebonnets and cacti. There you go.

And here’s a look at this blasted gold stuff that I think is causing my current allergic demise.  Bah. They do not frill me.

What’s FRILLING you this weekend?

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