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In Progress: House Curation


I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it’s going to take me a year or two to get my house like I want it.  We have lived here since August – so about 9 months, during which a baby arrived – and I still look around and see so many projects I want to do.  Like screen in the back porch.  Acquire the perfect chair for the living room.  Find a few fabulous pieces of art.  But the fact is, I have to go slowly. I live in my house all day every day and I want to love it.  I want it to suit our aesthetic.  I want it to feel right. And even if I weren’t one who has to ruminate on things before I know what I want, I still am bound by budget and time constraints.

If only my house looked like this.

I have made some small progress, however…

…finally on the verge of getting my pillow collections right….

Do you have a hard time finding pillows you love? I feel like I hunt and hunt.

…accessorizing a teensy bit…

…and making progress in my office cubby.  Remember what it used to look like?  An improvement, no? Not 100%, but vastly better…

Sometimes I wish I could be like my friend Kate whose house is absolutely 100% gorgeous and totally HER, about 24 hours after she moves in, despite the fact that she has her hands full with three kids.  Alas, that is not me.  I’m a brooder, people.  I have to mull things over.

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What we’ve been up to


Hello all! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last posted. It’s been really busy for us lately because we’ve been doing this:





I have some fun before and afters coming up, but right now, we are on our way to France for a couple of weeks! Until then, follow me on instagram (@aureliajoy) for regular updates!

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Found Objects: “Call Me Ishmael” Bookends


I found these vintage children’s bookends in a box of paraphernalia that came from my grandmother’s house.  I fell in love with their little mischievous faces.  I also find it hilarious that their boat is named “Pequod,” which is the name of Ishmael’s boat in _Moby Dick_ that tragically sinks and leaves Ishmael the only survivor.  So I guess these guys must be Ishmaels.  True to their name, they have survived culling; I have saved them and given them a home on the bookshelf in Baby T’s room.  Which, incidentally, is starting to come together.  I love it when I find little gems like my Ishmaels.



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Frilling Friday: Project in Progress


We have this random cubby-like space in our house, just off the fireplace room.  It used to be a wet bar, complete with 80′s-tastic mirrored shelving.  That promptly went the way of the eight-track.  We have little use for a wet bar separate from the kitchen, and would rather make a better use of the space for our family’s daily operations.

Since we moved in, it has just been blank space, sitting dormant, waiting for me to decide how best to utilize it (and to actually have time/energy to execute a plan).  I spent last weekend painting some old office furniture; a desk I’ve had for many years, a file cabinet my mom wasn’t using, and a cubby-organizer thingy.  Because I’ve finally decided to make it a home office space (aka You Frill Me headquarters). Here it is now in a disorganized mess.

I’m going to ditch the big brown desk; it cramps the space too much.  We are thinking of installing a sturdy desk-height shelf to make an L-shaped configuration. But still mulling over how best to make the space pleasant, uncluttered, and harmonious.  And of course, FRILLING.   I’m hoping for pretty shelving, a cool vintage-y chair, some fun wall art, and good task lighting.  My budget for this project is pretty much nonexistent, so I’ll have to find some time for thrifting.

Meanwhile I’ve been pinning inspirational small offices and organization.  Got any ideas?


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Autumn Salt Dough Ornaments


Little B loves to help bake and cook, and she loves to play with play dough, so last week she and I made autumnal salt dough ornaments to hang on a “tree.” Plus, I like to keep my seasonal decor very simple, natural, and preferably biodegradable, which means I’m not storing a bunch of plastic pumpkins or fake wreaths the rest of the year.  Less clutter = better, as far as I’m concerned.

The project didn’t turn out as pretty as I’d hoped, but B had lots of fun “‘Cooping it up,” by which she means “stirring it up.”  She also liked using the cookie cutter.  So the project was more about the process than the result.   We based ours on this tutorial, except I added food coloring to the dough.  I wish I hadn’t, because they ended up looking too floury after we rolled them out.  Then we just gathered some sticks and rocks (also toddler fun) to display our ornaments.

*note: our ornaments too waaaay longer to bake/dry out than the tutorial said they would. Maybe I didn’t roll the dough thin enough, not sure.

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Sometimes it’s the Little Frills…


…like having a place to hang your hat…and plenty of hooks in the back entryway at adult and kid heights…


…like a tidy place to keep a family calendar and stick things you don’t want to lose…


…like a neat dry goods pantry you don’t have to dig through to find that bag of pinto beans…

Simple, everyday, uncluttered organizational Frills.

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My growing quilt collection


Growing up, I never had any hand made quilts. When I married Lyle, I started developing an appreciation for their beauty and the special meaning they can hold after seeing them displayed in his mom’s and Fran’s homes. You have to have a blanket on your bed, right? Having something beautifully made, meaningful, and functional is the epitome of frilling.

Lyle and Fran’s mom is the reason why Lyle and I have been able to start our own beautiful collection. Our first quilt was one she made for Lyle as a college graduation gift. Lyle graduated before me, so it really made me excited for the day when I would get a graduation quilt of my own!

In 2008, I graduated with my B.A., and I finally got my quilt! I absolutely LOVE it. It ended up being a little small for a queen size bed, but it’s perfect for a full size as well as our trundle-twin/guest bed. It makes me happy just looking at it!

Just last week, Lyle’s mom finished yet another beautiful quilt made just for me! It is on our queen bed now, and I’m in love. Blues and greens have always been my favorite color scheme so I’m especially smitten with it. Also, it’s a lot bigger than my last one so it fits our queen bed comfortably, but would even fit a king! I can’t wait to use it for years and years. I’m thankful for a thoughtful mother-in-law who is constantly going above and beyond to take care of us and make our lives sweeter!

Do you have any family quilts that are special to you?

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Kate’s DIY Stamped Wall Art


My FRILLINGLY creative friend Kate created this awesome DIY wall artwork.  Here’s what Kate said about this simple creative project:

1.  Buy ugly clearance print in a large square.
2.  Paint it white with primer.
3.  Stamp the lyrics to a favorite song.
4. Wait for husband to come home to help hang it.

Loves: I love how the letters don’t have to be perfectly spaced or lined up.  I love how it’s your own personal favorite song lyric.  I love how the letters fall off the canvas.  I love how it adds a typographic element to the room. I love how it makes me think of newsprint.  I love that it could be in any font you can find stamps or sponges in. And I love that it’s a low-budget project.

Here’s an image of the piece in the space.  FRILLING.

(and Kate, is that a navy wall I see? swoon.)

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Frilling Friday: Nursery Inspiration


We found out last week that it’s a girl!  Her name is Baby T… (hehe you thought I was gonna tell you her name.  nope).  I’m so excited for B to have a sister! They’ll be about two years apart, so hopefully they’ll be good friends and playmates.  I’ve always been jealous of my friends who have sisters (not that I don’t love my bro, not to mention my frilling sis-in-law), and I’m happy at the prospect of living the sister dream through my little girls.

I’ve thought all along that this was another girl baby, and now that we’re sure I’m right, I’m getting all excited about Baby T’s nursery.  So I spent some time looking around the internets collecting some inspiration.  Here are a few of my picks, but you can check out the entire pinboard here.

(Pam, don’t buy any of this stuff.  It’s just an inspiration board.)

Notebook Pouf (Little Choux via LayBabyLay)


I’m liking these light gray walls (Daffodil Design via Pinterest)

Aqua Crow’s Feet Rug (Land of Nod)

Sigh…this will not be in my budget, but… (Land of Nod)


Remember B’s handmade quilt? My mom just started work on Baby T’s quilt yesterday.  It will be Dresden Flower Garden pattern, and will look sortof similar to this (but different) in vintage-inspired fabrics.  I wanted the girls’ quilts to be able to look nice together for when they eventually share a room, but didn’t want them to be the same.   (photo via Pinterest)


This comes in a variety of colors.  I’m thinking red. (OwlyouneedisLove)


And wouldn’t this screen-printed ampersand pillow sit perfectly in that glider?  I’m thinking a red ampersand… (gracious home)

Don’t forget to check out more of my nursery inspiration pins here.
Happy Friday!

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5 tips for making the most out of your space


As I told y’all yesterday, Lyle and I recently made the move to the Austin area. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to stay in Lyle’s family’s pool house until we get acclimated here and figure out what part of the city we want to live in. It’s really nice to not be bound to a lease while we do that!

One of the biggest adjustments in our move was going from our 3 bedroom home to a studio-sized apartment. We put most of our possessions in storage, and I called my personal interior decorators (Fran and her mom) to come help me make this smaller space more livable.  I am so pleased with the results!

Check out these tips I recently learned on making the most of your space:

1. Be creative with your storage space

For me, this translated to shelves, shelves, and more shelves! Lyle’s (and Fran’s) mom and dad cut, painted, and hung these shelves for us all over our tiny apartment. Now we have a place to store our towels, dinnerware, spices, etc. without taking up anymore square feet.

I was also able to get use out of this green, Pier One Imports piece that I have had for nearly ten years. I have used it in so many ways such as in my closet storing shoes or purses, in our living room storing my school books, and now here, holding my sewing supplies. We love how it fits just perfectly under the counter top – again – no extra room being taken up here!

2. Add functionality to your space

This kitchen lacks a pantry, so we brought one to it thanks to Ikea’s Billy bookshelf. My mom-in-law painted the inside turquoise, and I love how it pops against the white shelving and wall. (Also,  notice that the wall has writing on it. That’s because there is dry erase paint on it! Can you read what Lyle wrote? We were being silly!)

3. Use stuff you would normally hide to add extra FRILLS to your space

Smaller spaces = being forced to show things you would normally have tucked away in that extra cabinet space. I made sure to keep the prettiest of my dry goods on display behind the glass  portion of our pantry door.

4. Be creative with your furniture

As obvious as it might sound now, Fran gave me a suggestion I would have never thought of. She dragged my chair to the center of the room and faced it towards the closest wall. She did this to cut off this portion of the room and in turn, created a living space that was non-existent before! Even though the entire space consists of essentially one room, I really feel like I am in a different area with the couch, chair, and ottomans set up this way.

5. Use a divider

I’ve never used a divider before, but Fran and Jordan let us borrow theirs. I love it! You can’t see any other part of the house from the bed and vice versa. I particularly love my little sewing space we created. It feels so cozy with the divider, rug, and lamp. Also, something that isn’t shown is the television. It’s mounted on the center wall so we can pull it out and turn it depending on if we are in the living area or if I am at my sewing machine. Very nice!

All in all, I’m really happy with our new, temporary space. It feels really good to downsize for a bit, and I’m very thankful to Fran and hers and Lyle’s mom for all of their help in making us feel at home. But what do y’all think? Did I miss anything? Got any good tips for making the most out of your space? Sound off in the comments!


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