It’s the little things


The little things are the big things. That’s kind of my mantra lately, and I think that’s what our little blog is all about, too. Finding the FRILLS in the ordinary, daily stuff (Check out our Frillosophy for more); seeing the beauty in the little things.

We try to see life this way on both deeper levels and at the surface. For me, even when I’m getting dressed, I try to add tiny frills of creativity that will provide me with little reasons to smile amidst stress and chaos.

Like a rolled skinny pant, with a pop of cute sock:

Or just a bit of a popped collar, with a bright bauble to add some FRILLS:

Or a rolled up cardigan, layered with a rolled up chambray:

Necklace: J Crew / chambray: J Crew / cardigan: Madewell / pants: Banana Republic Factory / socks: gifted / shoes: Naya (a collection from Naturalizer) 

Casual, but comfortable, and also creative. It’s all about the little things, right?

Frilling Friday: The New Normal


This week feels like it has been the first truly normal week for our family since Tiny T has been born (with the exception of a few extra dogs and chickens *wink).  No holidays to weird things up.  Just us, figuring out what our lives look like as a family of four.  Learning to work and play and eat and sleep and breathe and manage our time and be calm in spite chaos that happens.  Whew.  We’re tired.  But happy.

This week I made an extra effort to document our new normal.  If you follow me on instagram you may have seen some of these images this week.

1. loves
2. she wanted her baby in her “sling”
3. toy-strewn living room
4. sisters
5. look at that face.  10 weeks old.
6. figuring out cloth-diapering routine
7. Radio Flyer aka double stroller
8. wet bags from For Keeps
9. purple potatoes for dinner
10.little sweet smiles
11. little belly
12. vintage crochet booties

happy weekend!

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Rainy Day Creativity



It’s a rainy day here.  Lately it’s been seasonably chilly and damp.  B and I woke up today with our creative juices flowing.  She decided to start with her favorite activity: watercolor painting.

We also got a head start on our Valentine decorating…

Incidentally, aren’t these alphabet magnets nice?  They were a Christmas gift.  You can find them here.  I have them on a magnetic strip we use to display artwork.

For myself, I’m wishing for a few extra minutes to get a little hat finished for Tiny T.   Nothing like a rainy day for knitting and drinking tea.  Here’s hoping…




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When You’re Smiling…


When you’re smiling…

When you’re smiling…

The whole world smiles with you.


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Holiday Frills


Just some festive photos as Christmas draws near…

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Old Made New: DIY last minute baby gift – hand stamped leggings


As promised yesterday, here is another post and a totally frilling gift idea from Stephanie of Teal Annie. Thanks so much for your contributions, Stephanie! We hope to see many more “Old Made New” posts in the future! You FRILL us! 

If you are needing a last minute baby gift and really want it to have a special handmade touch, this little DIY is perfect for that special little stylish one in your life. It is pretty quick and very affordable as well.

Original inspiration from the lovely Katie over at Lemon Jitters with her DIY for patterned heart tights.

Supplies Needed:

  • baby leggings (I bought these from Old Navy)
  • scissors
  • small piece of cardboard
  • craft paint
  • wine cork
  • hot glue gun

1. Cut a small triangle out of the cardboard.

2. Using hot glue, attach the cardboard triangle to the wine cork creating a stamp.

3. Lay the leggings flat and stamp the triangle in the pattern of your choice.

4. Let dry and stamp the back if desired. Then, give as gifts!

Old Made New: Advent Calendar


Hi all! Today we have another inspirational guest post from Stephanie of Teal Annie! We have been having a sort of count down to Christmas this week with all kinds of frilling and festive posts! Yesterday, Fran posted about some natural ways to have that special Christmas tree fragrance if you don’t have a real tree in your home. And the day before that, Caitlin posted about her entirely handmade Christmas ornament collection! AND Check back tomorrow for yet another fabulous guest-post by Stephanie! 

My husband and I have been married for a little more than two years. This year we started thinking about Christmas traditions that we want to have as a family. We’ve though about what traditions we want to continue that we each had with our own families and some new things we would like to add. This year we decided to make an Advent calendar to help us think of others and to be excited and expectant for the coming of Jesus.

We used a scrap piece of wood we had in our garage. We painted the lyrics to Joy to the World on the wood and used some yarn and scrapbook paper I had in my craft stash.

We each wrote on half of the cards. I open the ones Jake wrote and he opens the ones I wrote so it is a fun surprise each day.

We wrote things like: “Buy a friend’s lunch today”, “Read the Christmas story together”, and “Bake cookies for the neighbor”.

We also light a new tea candle each day when we open a card.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Advent season and has a Merry Christmas!

Fake That Fragrance


Mmmm, one of my favorite things about Christmas is the smell of a real Christmas tree.  This year we are fortunate to have a real tree, a fir, for the first time in several years.  It’s not a particularly compelling or fancily decorated tree (maybe next year when I don’t have a tiny new baby) – just our collection of mismatched family ornaments – but it makes our house smell lovely and feel cozy.

But if you don’t have a real tree, or any tree at all, you can still have that smell in a natural, non-toxic, pthalate-free way. Just warm essential oils in an oil diffuser or burner.  Essential oils are naturally derived from plants and contain no harmful or toxic ingredients.  Many even have health benefits.


I have Aura Cacia’s pine essential oil, but I think fir needle would be even better.  Add a few drops to the water in an oil diffuser or warmer and light a tea light underneath to warm the oil and release the fragrance into the room.  If you really want to get festive (you do!  YOU DO!), add some Cinnamon Leaf oil or Clove oil to the blend.  It’s bottled Christmas.  Just add eggnog.

Sure, you could buy a fancy, expensive, naturally-scented soy candle – those are nice too.  But a bottle of essential oil costs considerably less and lasts waaaaay longer

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Tea, and a hat


The brain fog is clearing.  Jordan went back to work this week, so I’m busy figuring out how to parent two kids on my own during the day.  So far so good, as long as we keep occupied.  Today we took a midday walk, and since it’s a chilly day, B was sporting her newest hat knitted by yours truly, and embellished with a few crochet flowers.

Then we came inside to warm our fingers around our new favorite, “chocolate tea;” that is, Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice.

Best served in a Christmas mug.  Preferably alongside a square or two of dark chocolate (not pictured because we already gobbled them up).

My solution for when things get tricky with a newborn and a toddler: the fleece pouch sling.  Never leave home without it.  Never leave a room without it.  The indispensable newborn baby soother.

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Structure, color, and a giveaway hint


HINT: Tomorrow’s giveaway will have something to do with the origins of this necklace I’m wearing. Can you guess what it might be? I suggest you get excited!!

Lately I’ve been having fun playing with different types of structures and colors. For instance, this top and skirt both have a wide, boxy kind of fit, and I am loving the chic look it creates. I am starting to realize just how much women tend to want to wear clothing that is form-fitting. I’ve personally always been a fan of extra-drapey stuff, but then again, I’m also very petite and don’t have much to show off anyway.

My natural inclination was to tuck this top in, but I couldn’t resist the structured lines created by both top and bottom when it was out.

I also played with color-blocking by layering cream colors on top and dark colors below the knee. I wanted my skirt to be the focal point with extra pops of pink on my wrist and lips.

Cardigan: Gap Body / Top: H&M / Skirt and knee highs: J Crew / Boots: Blowfish / Pink Bangle, Chain link bracelet, bow ring: J Crew / Lips: MAC (“Girl About Town”) 

This is probably going to sound silly, but I like what I wear to represent a colorful palette of the creativity I have to offer the world. I try to make everything I do (including  everything I wear) frilling and purposeful.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for news on our latest giveaway and a big announcement!

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