Frilling must-haves: Clarks Indigo Town Club mary-janes


And the Clarks Indigo line strikes again! A couple of weeks ago, I showed you just how versatile  the Heath Wren booties are, and the same is true for these Town Club mary janes. Skirts, dresses, pants, you name it; these shoes work with practically everything! They are very comfortable, very cute, and very functional. What more can a gal ask for?

Check out just a few of the looks I have styled with them. And seriously, y’all. I can’t tell you how many other ways I wore these and regretted not taking photographs later. They are seriously so versatile!

With a mini skirt and tights (except I wish I had mustard or burgundy tights on instead of black):

scarf: H&M / top: Gap / skirt: Urban Outfitters

With skinny corduroys and a blazer:

scarf: gifted / top and blazer: Urban Outfitters / pants: J Crew 

With a belted, peter pan collared dress and red lips (We were spinning…):

dress: Madewell  / Belts: Fran’s

I’m obsessed with the peter pan collar lately. It’s everywhere. I’m dreaming of this sweater.

Do you have any go-to super-cute, super-comfy, super-versatile shoes? We NEED to know! Sound off in the comments!

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Autumn Salt Dough Ornaments


Little B loves to help bake and cook, and she loves to play with play dough, so last week she and I made autumnal salt dough ornaments to hang on a “tree.” Plus, I like to keep my seasonal decor very simple, natural, and preferably biodegradable, which means I’m not storing a bunch of plastic pumpkins or fake wreaths the rest of the year.  Less clutter = better, as far as I’m concerned.

The project didn’t turn out as pretty as I’d hoped, but B had lots of fun “‘Cooping it up,” by which she means “stirring it up.”  She also liked using the cookie cutter.  So the project was more about the process than the result.   We based ours on this tutorial, except I added food coloring to the dough.  I wish I hadn’t, because they ended up looking too floury after we rolled them out.  Then we just gathered some sticks and rocks (also toddler fun) to display our ornaments.

*note: our ornaments too waaaay longer to bake/dry out than the tutorial said they would. Maybe I didn’t roll the dough thin enough, not sure.

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Gifts for the Post-Partum Mama


The other day I went to visit a friend who has a sweet, snuggly newborn.  I brought dinner, but the visit got me thinking about other fun things to pamper a post-partum mama that I wish I could have brought over.  New moms are often blissfully happy but tired, sore, and a bit overwhelmed, and they might need a little extra TLC.  What better than a frilling little giftie for the postpartum mum in your life?

1. Post-partum tummy-friendly yet stylish lounge pants
2. A cozy throw
3. A lovely bauble
4. Trendy polish
5. Texas lavender candle
6. Frilling fuzzy slippers
7. Obvs, only if she’s nursing

When I have a newborn, I like things quiet and calm around the house; not a lot of commotion or visitors or noise.  For me, it’s a pretty vulnerable and precious bonding time that I like to keep sacred. I’m an introvert, and I like to deal with major life changes like the birth of a new child in a quiet way.  But for other more extroverted mamas, it’s a time for visits and family gatherings and food and a birthday party.  Different strokes for different folks, but regardless of the mama’s style I think it’s important to be sensitive to what she may be going through physically, emotionally, hormonally, etc.

If you’re a mama, what’s your style: do you like a party around a new baby, or are you like me and want to hibernate for a bit?

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Frilling Friday: Friday Doings..


Happy Friday!

Today I’m…

…enjoying a bowl of steel cut oats with my little gal…

….helping B paint an egg-crate “house” for her Little People…

…re-reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, my most favorite childbirth book…

…dreaming about growing some indoor herbs in my kitchen windowsill (I wonder if it gets enough sun…)( via here via pinterest)…

… and dreaming about finding some time (and energy) to make a wreath like this

What are you up to?





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Frilling Friday: 3 Frilling Addictions


Happy Friday!

Here are three things I’m currently addicted to.  Maybe you’ll love them too…

…fresh, in-season figs and pomegranate seeds, drizzled with honey…

…naturally scented Mediterranean Fig Candles by Pacifica…

…and crocheting little hearts to make a bunting for Tiny T’s room, based on this tutorial.  I can’t stop making them.  They’re so fun and quick!

Got any Frilling Addictions lately?  Happy Weekend!


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Keepin’ It Frill


Why, Fran, where have you been? Well, exhaustedly pregnant to tell you the truth.  At this point, getting anything done beyond basic necessary tasks and childcare is just… hard.  My plan each day is to get through each day, and hopefully that involves taking a nap.  Ugh, I don’t want to be the lazy, exhausted pregnant lady, but there I am.

That isn’t to say I haven’t done anything at all FRILLING or creative or fun lately.  I have, just more slowly.  Like…

…sewing up some FRILLING curtains for the girls’ bathroom

…creating healthy appealing toddler meals in our PlanetBox lunchbox, complete with Raw Cookie Dough Bites

…slowly getting Baby T’s room ready with help from my own childhood Raggedy Ann and Andy…

…knitting up another little hat…

…and teaching Little B how to peel clementimes (“Kem-times”) (blurry photo, sorry)…

Keepin’ it Frill, people.  That’s what it’s all about.

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Winner of the eco-friendly closet consultation with Lanni Lantto


(image via Lanni Lantto)

Hey everyone! We hope you are having a very happy Thursday! Want to know the winner of our giveaway featuring an eco-friendly closet consultation via skype with ( re ) designer Lanni Lantto?

Using a true random number generator, the lucky winner is:

Ahliah Zia Shashonah

Congratulations, Ahliah! Email us (youfrillme @ gmail dot com) to claim your prize!

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She went to school…


Well, “school.”  “School” = Kids Day Out two mornings a week.  At 21 months, Little B is such a curious, sociable, talkative, affectionate kid; we think she’s going to love playing with friends, singing songs, and doing art projects a few hours a week.  And, true to her nature, she practically ran to the door yelling “school!” “play!”, and didn’t look back or give us a second thought.  She was completely uninterested in a goodbye hug for Mama and Papa.

What She Wore…

…purple polka dot dress from BabyGap Outlet with comfy Stride Rite Mary Jane sneakers.

What She (we) Carried…

…beloved frog backpack (bought on clearance at Gap Outlet), and her new PlanetBox Rover Lunch box, a bento-style kit which I think I’m in love with.

What She Ate…

…black olives, dried peas, cheese cubes, rice crackers, goji berries, strawberries and kiwis, a dried fig, seaweed snacks, and a homemade gluten-free Almond Flour Snickerdoodle.  Don’t you love how tidy this lunch box makes everything look? So appetizing.  I wish someone would make me a lunch like this every day.

She’s such a fun girl.

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Giveaway // Win a closet eco-consultation with ( re ) designer Lanni Lantto!


To enter this give-a-way leave a comment below, and ‘like’ (re) and YouFrillMe on Facebook. Giveaway is open until September 11 at 10 PM (C.T.). Check back next week to see if you’re the winner! 


The following is a guest post by Lane from The Traveling Circus. Here, she writes about her eco-consultation experience with Lanni Lantto of (re)

Recently I found myself standing in front of my closet, unable to get dressed, actually uttering the clichéd words “I have nothing to wear.” False. I definitely have something to wear. Many things to wear. My closet is full of clothes, my dresser drawers are bulging. “I have nothing to wear” is simply a cop out. What I meant is “I don’t feel inspired by my wardrobe.” Uninspired and too lazy to sort through it and find some new direction.

Designer and environmentalist Lanni Lantto believes the idea of dressing beautifully to express yourself can be in harmony with the concept of decreasing your consumerism and environmental impact. Lanni started her line (re) with the goal of creating original, unique pieces of fashion from pre-existing materials. She says “By using pre-existing materials and creatively salvaged fabrics, I breathe new life into fashion otherwise destined for the landfill. After all, the most eco-friendly fabrics are those that already exist.” This statement struck me because even in those moments where I truly feel like I can’t pull an outfit together, there are aspects of certain items that I really do love. I don’t always want to spend my money on new clothes but I can’t figure out how to make the clothes I own work for me.

Eco-consultation is one of the services offered by (re). Available to her clients all over the world via Skype, Lanni works as a personal stylist who can reimagine your wardrobe in an eco-friendly way. She uses three main categories to help decide which clothes need to be 1)  donated/resold through consignment, 2) what will be kept, and 3) what can be redesigned.

When Lanni came over to help me with my closet situation, she spent the first few minutes talking with me about my lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. She was probably also getting a feel for how difficult it would be to get me to part with items that I didn’t need anymore. Was I going to be a free spirit ready to purge excess baggage? Or a borderline hoarder who ascribes sentimental value to each pair of underwear I own? Spoiler alert: I’m a natural at purging and have tendencies to over-sentimentalize things.  So how did it go?


I think Lanni and I were both surprised at my willingness to let go of clothes that weren’t working for me anymore. I have a lot of clothes that I still love in theory but haven’t worn since the early 2000’s. I also have clothes that I don’t love but that I never got rid of simply because they were of good quality or had been expensive. I do try to do an annual assessment of my wardrobe to get rid of items that aren’t worn, but when doing this task on my own I always find excuses to keep more things than I need.

With Lanni guiding me, I was forced to be a bit more honest. She asked gentle but blunt questions about pieces that I wavered on. “When was the last time you wore this? When was the last time before that? Do you feel this flatters you? Do you have another piece that serves a similar purpose in your wardrobe that you like bettr?” In the end, I had three garbage bags worth of clothes to donate to charity. This was much more than I had ever been able to part with in one session before. Besides being accountable to Lanni about the reality of my wardrobe, I also felt more relaxed about donating things because I knew Lanni would be helping me re-work what I currently had in the closet.

There were two pieces in particular that I felt resisant to donating simply because they were expensive and hardly worn. A J.Crew bridesmaids dress and a long GAP peacoat were both set aside to be consigned, in hopes that a profit from those items would give me a little money to buy items that might fill in the gaps of my now smaller wardrobe.


When deciding what to get rid of, Lanni made me feel extremely comfortable about how much she was “letting” me keep by explaining that I could have different categories within my overall wardrobe. She advises clients to have a base wardrobe that is combined with a summer and winter wardrobe during the appropriate season. She also allowed me to have a pile for professional clothes and yoga/exercise clothes. I had no excuse to cling to things unnecessarily because the “rules” for keeping clothes were so reasonable.

When we were finished taking out the clothes that would be donated, Lanni helped me organize my closet so that when getting dressed I would be able to easily access the type of piece of I was looking for. Cardigans/cover-ups together, underlayers together, dresses together, etc. This seems so logical, but before that day my closet literally had no rhyme or reason


The most exciting part of an eco-consulation with Lanni is the chance to get her help in reinventing pieces of your collection of clothes that you love too much to part with but don’t use as they are. 

Lanni focused two dresses that I love, one for comfort and one for  fanciness, but rarely wear. She took a shirt and a skirt from my ‘donate’ pile and showed me how some elements from those pieces could be combined with the dresses to create new looks.

A comfy gray jersey dress that I found a little too plain to wear regularly was transformed with the flowers from an old skirt into a funky, fun piece. My fussy, metallic dress (the time of strapless is over for me, I think) became more wearable and softer when the lace details from a long forgotten top were dyed to match and then used to create straps.

Under the “re-design” header Lanni also designates the subcategories of “self-mend” and “have tailored.” A beloved tunic with a tear and a favorite dress with loose straps were both easy fixes after Lanni gave me a basic tutorial on how to sew them myself. A comfortable sweater dress with a pattern that I adore was rarely worn because I found it a little too boxy. The look will be much more flattering after my tailor adds a few back darts.


The concept behind (re) and Lanni’s eco-consultation service combines the natural desire to express oneself through personal style with the responsibility we have to consider the way our lifestyle impacts our environment. This service can be provided to fashionistas all over the globe who already possess good taste and most of their wardrobe basics but need a fresh perspective to expand their options.

Want to win a FREE eco-consultation with Lanni? This package is valued at $120 and will give one YouFrillMe reader the chance to reinvent their wardrobe in an eco-friendly and budget conscious way! To enter you comment on this blog, and ‘like’ (re) and YouFrillMe on facebook.

–Lane from The Traveling Circus


Artwork by Tonya Engel


When I went to Renegade Craft Fair Austin a couple months back, I fell in love with the artwork of New York artist Tonya Engel, and came home with a print.  I couldn’t get over her lovely images of women doing things, both ordinary and imaginative, and was impressed by Tonya’s celebration of femininity and culture and imagination.  I especially loved this lovely lady applying lipstick (I’m still deciding where to hang her).  It struck me as so feminine and delightfully mundane.  I tend to enjoy artwork that elevates everyday, ordinary, seemingly mundane tasks or objects or situations.  And I think that Tonya’s work resonates with what YouFrillMe is about — finding beauty in everyday things.

Check out Tonya’s other artwork at her website.

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