On this very day four years ago, this happened:

(Photos by Donald Page)

I’m having a happy anniversary with the love of my life. AND he just happened to purchase a new point and shoot to replace my broken one so I was able to take these on our anniversary date in Austin: 

Here’s to many more happy, healthy years! <3

- Aurelia

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Frilling Friday 5/20/11


Happy Friday!
I’m going here, today:

Pretty Frilling, huh?  I’m excited to get out of the city, and see the mountains of California. But before I go, here are some links

If I were preggo, you can bet I’d be checking out ASOS maternity line for my wardrobe needs.  Word to the style-wise: Motherhood Maternity is (mostly) Frump (can you tell I am not a fan?).  Don’t let them suck you into thinking that’s all there is out there just because it’s the only brick-and-mortar maternity store you can find.  ASOS has free shipping and returns so there’s no harm buying-and-trying. (I have a host of other Maternity style tips, but I can save them for some future post – are you interested in that? let me know in the comments.)

Saw these on Design Mom, and think they are adorable.

This is happening in my neck of the woods!  Alas, I’m spending the weekend in Tahoe.

The best parenting advice I have received thus far.

Am I the only one to notice that they misspelled “despair”? (fun fact: Fran = champion speller)

If I ever take my kid on an overseas trip (and I hope to), I will remember this advice.

It’s a cowl! It’s a hat!  It’s…..awesome.

I haven’t actually acted on it, but I have a weird fascination with matching mom/baby outfits.  Is that too cheesy?  Would I lose all my cool points if I got B and I matching outfits?

Such a cute necklace.

Whimsical embellished lanterns.

Did you find anything FRILLING this week?  Share!


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Frilling Friday: 3/11/11


Happy Friday!
Guess who slept 8 hrs last night?!  MY BABY.  my very own baby.  Of course, I myself wasn’t actually allowed to sleep 8 hrs due to a barrage of early morning texts from family members who shall remain nameless, who got overexcited about the tsunami that hit the West Coast this morning, posing absolutely no danger to San Francisco (unless you happened to be surfing).  Grrrrrr from a Mama who hasn’t slept a full night in four months.  However, after looking at the news and seeing the terrible destruction that happened to the folks in Japan, I won’t be too upset over a little lost sleep in comparison.

I’ve been thinking about Lent, looking inward, reflecting, and doing some spring cleaning, mentally, emotionally, and in my home. That said, here are some FRILLING things I found this week:

Carrie’s ideas for celebrating Lent with kids, including this Lenten calendar project.
Project Simplify, from Simple Mom.
Martha Stewart’s Spring Cleaning Checklist; I mean, I prolly won’t do all that stuff, but…
These little boats by Ann Wood Handmade are so lovely and creative, I can’t stop staring at them.

Aurelia introduced me to Sweet Potato Black Bean Tacos and they are yum, light, springy (hint: I would tweak this recipe by adding pickled jalepenos to the slaw).
I’m drooling over Anthropologie’s dinnerware collection—love the colorful pallete and vintage-inspired designs.
Affordable and stylish: poster art
Oh how I love pom-poms ! (via poppytalk)  These make me so happy:

Have a happy weekend!


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