“One can dream so much better in a room where there are pretty things.” – Anne of Green Gables

We are sisters-in-law who have loads of fun together.  We love talking about fashion, cooking, baking, art, design, crafting, and making life beautiful!  So we had this idea to throw it all together into a fun blog.  But what to call it? What word could possibly encompass all that?  All those interesting things, each a blog unto itself – how could they fit together? In the end, we figured out it was quite simple: all those things FRILL us.  They’re not the bare necessities of life, they’re the FRILLS. But we think the FRILLS make life better, more fun, and more interesting — more FRILLING.

Interested? Here’s our FRILL-osophy:

Beauty:   Beauty = hope for a better world. The world ain’t always a pretty place, but we seek out beauty because it helps us to hope for it to be better. NT Wright said it: “…[W]hen people cease to be surrounded by beauty, they cease to hope.”

Authenticity:  We’re trying to figure out how to be our truest, best selves.  We want our Frills to authentically reflect us, our personalities, our values. And we want to be always learning and getting better.

Creativity:  We like to make stuff and have fun making it.  It’s part of our DNA.

Curation:  We’re not interested in having a bunch of superfluous stuff. Clutter doesn’t make our lives better.  If we don’t love it, or it isn’t serving us, we give it away or recycle it.  Keep the stuff that Frills us, is beautiful, and makes our lives better.  We try to be thoughtful about what we acquire.

Freedom: Our motto: Do/wear what FRILLS you, and don’t be hemmed in by other people’s ideas of what’s FRILLING. (For instance, if we say we hate white sandals, but you love white sandals, wear them and be FRILLED by them.) Ideally we want to be FRILLED by our lamps, our dishtowels, our flowerpots, our flip flops, our purse, whatever.  If we gotta have it, we’re free to be FRILLED by it.

Fun: This blog is all in good fun.  We never want to feel pressured by it, or pressured to be something we’re not.  Mostly we like to post about superfluous things and have fun with them.  In general we are a couple of pretty deep gals, but this blog is our spot to (mostly) have silly, frilling fun.

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fran & aurelia

Fran likes knitting, cooking, reading design blogs, curating her home, and wearing chunky jewelry.

Aurelia likes baking, fashion, hosting lovely dinner parties, and laughing at clever and witty things.