Junior High Themed Valentine Dance: The Decor


It all started on New Years Eve. I came up with the idea to throw a Valentine’s Day dance party for all of my friends (the fact that I thought of this idea whilst enjoying another holiday should already be a warning to you). The idea only got bigger and bigger as the weeks went on. By the time the night of the dance arrived, it had turned into a junior-high themed event complete with a dress code, photo backdrop, balloon columns, strobe lighting, a five hour Spotify playlist with all kinds of classics, and a king and queen of the dance! I have been known to get a little out of hand when it comes to anything festive, and there’s little room for doubt now.

These yarn eggs might just be the highlight of my life. But beware; this craft takes time and patience!

I love these ruffled streamers so much! Talk about adding extra FRILLS. I think I will make all my streamers ruffled for the rest of my life. LOVE.

This napkin tablecloth is so easy to do, and you can use the leftovers as – you guessed it – napkins! I was going to do the napkin banner as well, but I think I overestimated the amount of things I could accomplish last week!

I originally planned to not decorate the drink table. I don’t know what I was thinking; I mean it’s me we are talking about. At the last minute, I grabbed some felt out of my closet and my dedicated friends helped me cut them into hearts. The doilies are from Hobby Lobby.

Another last minute plan. I printed funny Facebook pics of the nominees and pinned them to this bulletin board that we painted.

Oh man. Gotta love the backdrop! My friend Laura suggested and purchased the balloon columns. It really solidified the cheesy middle school environment. Thanks Laura!

I could not have accomplished any of this without the help of these girls pictured, also known as “The Party Planning Committee”, also known as my friends. From bringing ice to painting the backdrop to sewing yards upon yards of streamers together, these girls remind me of how good it is to have friends!


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