Frilling Friday: Summer!


This Friday’s links are all about summer.  I am currently in Texas soaking in the heat and sun, lounging by the pool and drinking iced tea all day long.  I am swimming in summer.  This is a lovely change from SF, where it’s pretty much Autumn/Spring all year long, not that I’m complaining about that.  And this is what Aurelia and I did yesterday:

(It appears that Baby is alone in the pool in the photo.  She wasn’t.  My brother <Aurelia’s hubby> was in there with her, but he ducked for the photo.)

…The perfect summer afternoon spent lounging and floating.  Heavenly. 

ok, here are some fun things I found this week:

Line dry your laundry; it’s simple, economical, ecological, and it smells good.  We line dry year round on our porch in SF, but summertime is perfect for line drying. 

I love iced chai in the summertime.

Feather earrings are big. So are feather hair extensions.

A well-styled sunhat.

And the perfect striped beach hat.

I want to read this book.  They have a k-12 school here in SF.  I bet those kids have serious summer fun.

Frozen mango chunks + Nuby Nibbler = baby popsicle

Swimsuit pick of the week.

An adorable beach bag.

Dress of the week.

Ok, this one’s not about summer, but I thought it was funny.

Have a happy weekend!
-f & a 

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