Oooh, Pretty: Brooches and Pins


Every time I see one, I love the look of a brooch- on a cardigan, on a scarf, on a jacket…  And when I came across this post on styling vintage pins, my love was renewed.  Now I am looking at brooches and pins all over the place. 

It seems sad to me that brooches and pins have fallen out of fashion. I think they’re a fun, funky, vintage-inspired way to add FRILLS to an outfit.  Some are more intricate, jewelled pieces, and some are more like fascinators. They can be made of all kinds of materials, so the sky’s the limit in terms of creativity. 

This DIY-crafty flower pin would be awesome as part of your summer office attire, but could also be nice on an outfit for summer event. 

I like this Fibuloso Flora safety pin brooch from Marta Lugo (spotted on Creature Comforts). It seems easy to wear.

This cool vintage-looking brass one is over at Revolve:

Another fun thing about brooches and pins is that they are easy to find in thrift shops and on the cheap. What do you think – do you wear pins or brooches?  I’d love to know your tips for styling them.  I’m going to be on the lookout for some to add to my little collection.


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