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Happy Friday!  And happy Father’s day to all you Dads!  Huzz is excited about his first Father’s Day, and has asked for pizza :) And speaking of Father’s Day, here’s a nice gift idea:

Tom’s, the philanthropic shoe company, has a cool new eye-wear project.  Buy a pair of shades in one of their classic styles, and they give a visually-impaired person medical treatment or prescription eye-wear.  Cool, huh.  The shades come in three styles: Classic 101, their take on wayfarer-style (my fave); Classic 201, their take on what I call The Big Sunny (what do other people call these?); and Classic 301, their take on aviator-style.  Ever since I got Huzz a pair of Ray-Bans for his 30th, I’ve been jealous of his nice shades.  I wonder if the Toms are polarized…

On that note, here are some tips for getting a good fit for your sunnies.

I’m intrigued by this project.  It’s like style-spying.

I just started working on this teddy bear, in soft, muted merino blend yarn (not those garish acrylics, yikes).

Linen pants for summer!

Favorite skirt of the week.

I need some dinner inspiration, and this looks good.

Poetry bombing!  awesome.

Did you find anything FRILLING this week?  Share in the comments!  And happy Father’s Day!

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