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Happy Monday!

Today we’re FRILLED to introduce you to Beth.  Beth and I went to college together in Louisiana.  Now we live in the same town and have baby playdates together.  Beth has an amazing sense of style.  Seriously, every time I see this woman, I want to be just like her.  A few things strike me about Beth’s fashion sense:

a) Her wardrobe has great bones.  She spends time hunting down fabulous neutral pieces with which to build her outfits.  And by neutral I do not mean boring.  Her “basic” pieces tend to have great details, embellishments, and lines.
b) She layers brilliantly.  Layers = interest.
c) She pays attention to texture, proportion, and lines.  So sophisticated.
d) Her accessories are always spot on.  Just the right amount of sparkle… or dangle… or pop of color… or glamour…

Case in point:

All the pieces in this outfit are neutral in color (except the scarf, obviously), but the drape of the fabrics, lines, and proportions all come together for a sophisticated business casual look.

Again, several great neutral pieces — drapey cardigan, floral jumper, brown belt, brown loafers –  plus a pop of mustard (you know how we love colored tights!).  And Baby N is adorable on her hip, no?

Here is Beth rocking texture for the win.  Sequins + chunky knit + drapey cotton +  wedge pumps? My mind is blown.  All the colors are soft but the textures make this so interesting.

Finally, I couldn’t leave out this  lovely dress.  Once again, this dress is neutral and versatile, but embellished and interesting with pleats, buttons, and epaulets.  The booties give it the look an edge, but the dress would be equally cute with strappy floral sandals or wedges.  An excellent multi-seasonal go-to frock.  And with a red lip you cannot go wrong.

I asked Beth a few questions about her style, to let us all in on her secrets.

Me: How would you describe your style?

Beth: My style: subtly embellished. I can’t accessorize too much without feeling like I’m playing dress up, but I don’t like to feel plain, so I try to find clothes that offer a bit of flare…a white button up shirt with pleats, a striped tee with puffed sleeves, a colorful belt, or scarf, etc.

Me: Where do you get your clothes?

Beth: I am fortunate to have a mother-in-law and sister-in-law with amazing boutiques. Between rrus & co Vidalia and rrus & co Houma, I have expanded my wardrobe to include a lot of unique pieces. When I shop in Austin, though, my inspiration stores are J.Crew and Anthropologie. I can’t always afford to shop there, but I take ideas and look for similar pieces at Target or Nordstrom Rack.

Me: Quality or Quantity?

Beth: If you ask me quality or quantity, I have to say neither. I put a lot of thought into a purchase, but I still try to avoid spending a lot of money. The perks:  it is very easy to share a closet with my hubby, and I rarely experience buyers remorse.

Me: What’s on your “To Aquire” list for your wardrobe?

Beth: I need flats. The comfortable kind…not the kind I have to add inserts to. I keep my eyes open for simple black, dressy nude, and cobalt blue pairs when I’m out browsing. Also, skirts. Spring is calling my name, and colorful, printed and patterned skirts are on my mind.

Me: Got any tips for being a Mama, but keeping your style cute and current?

Beth: I have a horrible confession. If I have the option to buy something for Baby N or for me, I pick me. My opinion is she looks cuter if I look cute. She doesn’t care if she wears the same 7 outfits again and again, but I would care if I had to. Also, my mommy down time is reading In Style while taking a bath. It helps me stay inspired to put new outfits together with my existing wardrobe.


I hope you’ll all agree that Beth’s style is fabulous.   Thanks Beth!  You’re gorgeous, and your style is FRILLING.

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