Red Sings From Treetops


Red sings from treetops:

each note dropping

like a cherry

into my ear
(from Red Sings From Treetops, by Joyce Sidman)

Our dear friends Bryan and Cory, who are inspiring to us in so many ways, but especially in regards to their literary tastes; sent us a lovely book after Baby was born. The Caldecott Honor book, _Red Sings From Treetops: A Year in Colors_, by Joyce Sidman, Illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski; this is one of the most lovely children’s books I have come across.

It is a joy to read, lovely both to see and to hear – a beautiful poem about colors and seasons. Exactly the kind of language and imagery to delight children and inspire adults….

You can find a copy of this book here.  Or you can check your library.  We are huge fans of the library for a rotating selection of children’s books, but this is one you’re probably gonna want to own.

Since becoming parents we are always on the lookout for beautiful kids’ books, ones that are a mix of art, poetry, and good design.  Children’s literature can be FRILLING.

Do you have any FRILLING children’s book recommendations for us – ones that are well-written and beautifully illustrated and overall excellent examples of literature and design? Tell us in the comments!


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