Frilling Friday 5/27/11


Happy Friday, and happy Memorial Day weekend!  Got any Frilling weekend cook-out plans?  I’m planning to fry up some shrimp for po’boys on Monday; not exactly cooking out, but I’ll open all the windows…

Look at these gorgeous spoons (via simple + pretty)

I’m having a little bit of a spoon fetish lately.  I’m also coveting these demitasse spoons (which would also make good baby-feeding spoons once B starts eating things). (via Calder Clark)

This week’s jewelry pick:  Remember my post on wooden bead necklaces?  Well, these are a FRILLING variation on the theme.

I always come back to Marc Johns.

A fun blog. (discovered via Babble.)

GP has a cookbook?  GOOP, Glee, what next?

My Dearie Caitlin and her fella are riding bikes cross-country this summer, in search of sustainable food.  Here is their blog.

Suga is making me a custom Mother necklace. You know, like a birthstone necklace.  But cooler.  I’m excited to see what she comes up with. 

A cute (and pink!) little girl’s room. 

Ah, those Swedes know how to design nice kids-wear.

So does Chinny Chin Chin.

Did you find anything fun this week? Share in the comments! And have a lovely Memorial weekend!


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