Frilling Fashionista: Cristin is trendy on a budget


Hi every one! I’m so excited to introduce you to our newest FRILLING fashionista, Cristin. Cristin and I went to college together at LA Tech, and we have found ourselves together once again in graduate school at Truett Seminary.

Something I have always noticed about Cristin is how she has a way of always looking extra frilling and trendy, even though grad school can suck a person’s shopping funds completely dry! I decided to ask her just how she does it, and she was nice enough to share THREE easy tips that can help a girl keep her wardrobe current, even if she is on a tight budget. Check it out:

Notice the boots Cristin is wearing in all three looks as well as this ruffled skirt. Here’s what she had to say when it comes to splurging on a statement piece:

Each season buy ONE expensive item that you feel is basic for the upcoming trend and can be worn with various combinations. For instance, jeans that can be worn with dressy and casual shirts, boots that can be worn with numerous styles, or a multi-colored skirt that can match most shirts are all just examples of what I mean.”

Check out Cristin’s choices with solids: a cropped black cardigan, a hot pink fitted top, a long, drapey black top, and pictured below –  a simple teal dress, and mustard tights. At youfrillme, we are true believers that any solid can act as a neutral, and can have a lot of versatility as a result. Cristin follows this formula to a tee, and it enables her to get more wear for less cost. Here’s what she had to say:

“Many of us love to keep our closets organized and throw out old clothes that we do not wear anymore. Clean your closet out, but always keep your basic apparel and solid colors. They work for all new trends and it is simple to maintain style with accessories.”

Cristin splurges on one nice piece each season, and she keeps her closet stocked with basic, timeless, versatile items. But she really FRILLS things up with her accessorizing. The extra long knee highs worn in two of her looks, and her two cognac belts add frills to her solid colored clothing. Plus, she has lots of chunky costume jewelry that she can layer up or down as she pleases. Here’s what she had to say:

“Accessories are vital when one is on a tight budget. It is effortless to come across accessories at cheap prices. They add extra style to whatever you are wearing.”

My favorite piece of Cristin’s is her FRILLING ruffled mini skirt. You guys know I’m a sucker for good pattern mixing, and there’s no exception here with the polka dots and floral. It’s a trendier piece that can get lots of wear if you’re not scared to go for it, and Cristin definitely isn’t!  What’s your favorite look?

Thanks, Cristin! You FRILL us!


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