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I have never (well ok there is an exception or two in there) worn red lipstick.  I mean really red, not wine or fuschia or terra cotta or berry.  But this season I’ve been inspired by the many vintage-wearing ladies out in the blogosphere as well as those thoroughly-modern gals who are wearing red in a fresh, vivacious way.  And I am LOVING it.  Usually I tend toward richer lip colors for autumn and winter, and nude-ish or coppery, shimmery ones for summer.  But not for 2011!  This is the summer of red lips!

Just look at Anne Hathaway sporting red lips at the 2011 Oscars.

And this look on Jessica Hart is perfectly daytime-wearable.  Not fussy or over-done, just fresh and carefree.

And, have you seen J.Crew’s newest looks?  Red lips look oh-so-casual, oh-so-summery, and oh-so-effortless. Notice how they keep the rest of the face very natural, very simple; some mascara, a hint of eyeliner, a touch of blush.

I think it’s a fabulous look.  So, feeling inspired, I broke down and purchased a bright red, very saturated lip gloss, Zuzu Luxe lipgloss in Caliente…

…and I am rocking the red. I love it.

(disclaimer: this photo was taken by yours truly with photobooth, and was clumsily edited by yours truly to erase evidence of early mommyhood in the form of dark under-eye circles)

The Zuzu gloss is vegan and free of icky ingredients.  I picked it up at my local natural foods co-op.   Do you dare?  Don’t think about it, just put it on and walk out the door.  You’ll be FRILLING.


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