Frilling Friday: Found (Vintage?) Objects


My mother was recently unpacking some boxes and found some items of interest.

a) A plastic director’s chair owned by toddler me.

(someone really likes it)


b) My tooth fairy pillow.  Insert gross dead tooth, out pops shiny money magic in the morning.

c) This framed cross-stitch, which is going into B’s room just as soon as she gets one.

This raises a question with me: how old does something have to be before it’s considered vintage?  Is my childhood paraphernalia now vintage?  hmmm.

In other news, this is my new favorite design blog. For three reasons:
1) She lives in Monroe, Louisiana; which means that she is practically my homegirl.
2) Her style is completely killer*, and so is her sense of humor. I wish she could come decorate my house when I get one.
3) She says Y’ALL.  Like, all over the internets.  She’s legit, y’all.*


*Except that I disagree with her on the subject of monograms.  I don’t love monograms.
*Don’t try to use this word on the internet unless you are a bona fide southerner and you actually use it in your daily vernacular.  If you aren’t, and you do, people will know you for a fraud.  This would be like me trying to say “eh”, eh?  or “ootside”.  or “yes I bloody well am”. *  It’s not bloody good, eh y’all.
*No, bloody is not a swear word cause Ron says it all the time in Harry Potter.

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