Frilling (Good) Friday


Some good friends came over to help B and I dye Easter eggs.  We had fun.  I have a new camera lens (! Wahoo!  50 mm f/1.4 !! happy birthday month to me!) that I played with.  I’m still figuring it out.

B broke a few eggs and then was bored with the whole thing when she realized we weren’t going to let her splash in the dye.

Happy Easter!  Today we’re observing Good Friday, the day we remember Jesus death and burial.  We look forward to Resurrection Sunday!

(oh, and here’s a photo of an Easter Lily I took with my new lens.  I’m so psyched about this lens, ya’ll.

(oh, and here’s a scorpion I found this morning under a pair of gloves.  He/she is now deceased.

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