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Every girl has those few items that she simply CAN’T live without. Okay, maybe she can, but she sure doesn’t want to. So, with the “she” being me, here are my must-have cosmetic picks:

Now Nature’s Deodorant Stick. After years of being allergic to pretty much all types of deodorants (I would get rashes and CONSTANTLY itch under my arms), Fran introduced me to this natural salt-rock deodorant stick. This might not cut it for everyone, but it totally works for me. And even though I have to wet it, apply it, and then let it dry, I never have deodorant stains on my clothing. LOVE. Don’t wanna live without it. 

Framesi By Glacier Wax. I friggin’ love this stuff. Apply just a tiny bit of it to your hair after blow drying/straightening and then say: goodbye frizz, goodbye static. This product makes my hair EVEN more sleek and shiny than it already is, and it defines my layers. I’m in love; love I tell you.

Yes to Carrots Body Butter. They sell a 1 oz version of this baby in Target’s dollar section. YES! Yes to Carrots! It smells SO good, and the 1 oz version is the perfect travel companion. Not only is it the perfect size, but it’s so versatile. When I’m traveling and don’t have a lot of room for packing, I use this product for moisturizer on my face as well as for hand and body lotion. Run to target now! Or just be jealous, whatevs.

MAC Paint Pot. This is, like, my most treasured make-up item of them all. It’s like foundation for your eyelids. Apply the paint pot before you put on your eye make-up and it will stay. All day. It will stay, people! It’s seriously amazing. Also, it adds a lil’ something to your complexion even if you don’t feel like wearing eye make-up. I have lots of no-make-up-days, but the paint pot always makes the cut. The paint pot is sold in many different shades depending on the look you want. Fave!

What are your cosmetic picks? Tell me, tell me!

- Aurelia

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