Frilling Friday: Random Links from Birthday Week.


Well, it was a big, fun week for me, being my 30th birthday week and all.  I celebrated all week.  And I’m not done, either.  There’s still tomorrow.  I also spent quite a bit of time trying to get B to say, “Happy Birthday, Mama.” With little success.  “Shummashummuna, Mama” is about as close as we got.

Yeah, we go all out around here.  You get to wear the special birthday glasses and a sash.  30 is a pretty special number, I think.  Goodbye, angsty twenties.  Hello, poised, confident, wise thirties.  (am I right?)


Here are a few links from the week:

Gorgeous fabrics from Holli Zollinger.

I love Aunt Peaches’ ideas for plastic baggie alternatives… stylish too…

The only thing I regret about having the hair I have (well, one of the things.  But don’t get me wrong – I like my hair.) is that I can’t have luscious bangs.  Covet.

Can’t find the perfect iphone case to reflect your personality?  You could always try making your own.

Do you clean your jewelry often?  Here are some recipes for at-home jewelry cleaning solutions.

Jordan, B, and I are going to check out Beets Cafe in Austin tomorrow.


Happy Weekend!  Did you find anything Frilling this week?

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