Frilling Fashionista: Chansin rocks spring dresses


Hey y’all! Happy Thursday! Meet our newest FRILLING fashionista, Chansin. She is one of my closest friends here in Waco, and the photographer behind ALL of my outfit pics. Chansin is a student at Truett seminary with me, and she is also the youth minister at a local church.

Chansin has an AMAZING body (being a dancer for most of your life will do that to you), and I have come to notice that she wears everything well. Seriously, EVERYTHING. ┬áMore specifically, I don’t know another soul who can rock a little spring dress like Chansin does.

Chansin let me help style her for some of these looks. The fun thing about our friendship is that she will patiently humor me as I raid her closet and find gems she didn’t realize she had. Check out the looks we came up with from the clothing and accessories Chansin already owns, and notice her staple accessories that can be worn over and over again!

I’m in LOVE with everything about this dress – the pattern, the color, the fit. Chansin wears it so well, and I love, love, love the scarf that incorporates the green, but adds a different pattern to the mix. Don’t even get me started on the wedges. The girl’s got great legs y’all.

Here Chansin is wearing the same scarf and shoes, but it’s definitely a different look. For one, it’s much brighter. Also, she has tied her scarf and is wearing it as if it were oblong. I also love the belting over the cardigan. It’s amazing how great accessorizing can FRILL things up!

I just love this dress! Isn’t the bird print mixed with a bit of floral just lovely? I also love the sleeves. They really add structure to the already more fitted dress. I love the belt here, too because it cinches the waist nicely and adds a little something extra to the bold pattern of the dress.

I can’t decide, but this might be my favorite of the four looks. Nautical continues to trend this spring, and I love the navy (yes, it’s navy) stripes, with the bright pink pop from the scarf. Stunning! Frilling! Love! I also love the fit with the drawstring and the fact that the dress is sleeveless. This is very practical for the hot Texas weather, and I know Chansin will get a lot of wear out of it.

Did you notice all of the different ways Chansin accessorized? She showed three different looks for wearing a scarf, two different ways to belt an outfit, how to rock flats, sandals, and wedges with spring dresses, and she layered her jewelry. Great job, Chansin. YOU are one FRILLING fashionista!

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