Fashion Face-off: Nursing-Friendly Dress Edition


I’m not a mom. Therefore, I’ve never had to nurse a baby. Therefore, I don’t really know what’s convenient when it comes to nursing-friendly clothes. Still, when Fran challenged me to find her a nursing-friendly Easter Dress, I jumped into the online-shopping world in full force. Here’s the criteria I set for my search: 

  1. There’s gotta be easy access to the boob without showing TOO MUCH boob. 
  2. The dress ought to fit nicely on someone who just had a BABY and is most likely in the process of losing baby weight. Basically, nothing too tight. 
  3. The dress must be pretty. It must be lovely. It must be SUPER-STYLISH. 
  4. The dress should be dressy enough for Easter, but casual enough for other sweet spring/summer events. 
  5. The dress should be affordable (this becomes debatable when you’re desperate, as you’ll see).

Midway through my search, I began thinking Fran had played some kind of nasty trick on me. Cause finding a dress that met the above criteria was HARD. I searched everywhere! EVERYWHERE! In the end, after hours of searching site after site after site… I only came up with three that I thought fitting. And two of them don’t necessarily meet criterion #5. Oops?

Monogram silk cascade print ruffle dress from Banana Republic

The good: LOVE the big straps on this dress because they balance out the low neck line. And the Ruffles (besides being fabulous) also help hide the plunge as well as divert the eyes from the tummy area. The plunging neck is still there though. The result: easy access without being too showy. Finally, the print gives the dress a feel that can be fun or fancy, depending on how you accessorize.

The downer: it’s a little on the high side for the average shopper. 

Flared dress from H&M

The good: Such a sweet dress! The pale pink would look absolutely lovely with Fran’s coloring. I really like the tabbed buttons on the sleeves because they dress down a look that (especially in this color) might otherwise be a little too stepford-house-wife-ish. The smocking on the waist will help hide the I-just-had-a-baby-tummy, and HELLO, can it get any easier than a zipper at the chest? I think not. Plus, the dress is SO affordable. 

The downer: It might be TOO affordable. I wonder if it will make it to summer. 

Printed tiered dress from Kensie

The good: My favorite! FRILLING! This dress has it all. On-trend ruffles, FABULOUSLY FUN print, the hider of all-things-we-want-unseen, and it conveniently zips at the chest. Could you ask for more? 

The downer: Also on the high side price-wise. 

I’ve told you mine. Which one is your favorite?

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