Summer Showers


Happy Tuesday and Happy Summer, everyone! I’ve always  defined summer as the period of time following a completed school year. Does this mean the rest of my life can be considered summer? If so, I have a lot to look forward to!

We’ve been getting a lot of rain here in Texas and after a record-breaking drought last summer, I am NOT complaining. Instead, I’m having fun getting some use out of my 7-year old rain boots and my classic bubble umbrella. I also made sure to incorporate lots of pink in my accessorizing and make-up to help brighten my look and mood. This southern girl is used to sunshine!

I bought these rain boots when I was a sophomore in college  at a local shop. At the time, rain boots were getting extremely popular, and I was determined to NOT jump on the bandwagon. One weekday after class, I got into my car cold and miserable. I always had a pretty long walk from class to my car, and my feet were soaked from the rain! I had enough. I drove straight to the store, found these rain boots, and had a lovely college experience involving no more wet, cold feet.

Lip gloss: MAC / Scarf: Goodie Two Shoes, also worn here and here  / Top: F21, also worn here and here / Skirt and Umbrella: Urban Outfitters / Clutch: Macy’s / Bracelets: Madewell, J Crew, Express / Rain boots: Beehive

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