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Count yourself a lucky girl (or guy) if you have plenty of Home Happies. A Home Happy is something that brings you joy just cause it lives in your home. They normally present themselves in the form of pretty things. Sometimes they are lovely; sometimes they are fabulous. Sometimes they are absolutely delicious. I personally love Home Happies cause I don’t have to BUY them. And I don’t have to WISH they were already mine. All I have to do is ENJOY them. Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself of your Home Happies, just in case you forgot.

I LOVE that there is Cocoa Hazel sitting in my pantry.

I ADORE my pretty measuring cups my sweet mom-in-law gave me.

My cabinets set aside JUST for cake-baking make me SO HAPPY.

Love love LOVE my yellow candelabra accenting my grey kitchen.

White rustic Picture holding devices don’t necessarily HAVE to hold pictures. They could always just make your dainty room daintier. Dainty things make me HAPPY.

I simply ADORE remembering. And I adore white picture frames that don’t match. 

What are your Home Happies?

- Aurelia

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