Frilling Maternity: Shift Dress and Nude Shoes


Dressing an early pregnancy (1st to early 2nd trimesters) is tricky and challenging.  So when I find a few pieces that work, I wear the heck out of them.  Here’s a much-loved printed short-sleeve shift dress I’ve had for several seasons (four actually), which is serendipitously perfect for early pregnancy.

It’s not a maternity dress, and I had it long before babies were on my radar.  I wore it when I was preggo with B, and still consider it one of my favorite dresses; so, the printed shift dress is a winner.   A shift is a very forgiving shape, although you have to be careful of your color/pattern choice so as to avoid looking like you’re wearing a nightgown (a danger of many maternity dresses I see). I typically don’t belt it, but today I decided to add the red belt above the pooch, just for FRILLs.

And now, I’d like to take a moment to extol to you the virtues of the nude shoe.  Exhibit A:

The nude shoe is the workhorse Mother of all neutral shoes.  If you can have one and only one spring shoe, choose nude-ish neutral (aka “flesh-tone”, depending on the fairness or richness of your complexion).  Nude-neutral comes in a range of shades, from the lighter beige I have on here, to a richer caramel as seen on Aurelia here.  They all count, and they all go with everything.  You cannot go wrong with the nude-neutral shoe.

Note: Nude-neutral also takes the place of a white sandal.  Friends, I hate to be a hater, but I HATE white sandals.  My strongly-held opinion is that white sandals are for little girls (case in point).  If your instinct is to wear a white sandal in any outfit circumstance, don’t do it.  Wear nude-neutral instead.  Nude is perenially chic.

Have I offended you? Do you have a long-standing love of white sandals? (You’re wrong, I tell you! wrong! What are you, stuck in 1997?)  (just kidding, sortof) … :)


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