5 tips for making the most out of your space


As I told y’all yesterday, Lyle and I recently made the move to the Austin area. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to stay in Lyle’s family’s pool house until we get acclimated here and figure out what part of the city we want to live in. It’s really nice to not be bound to a lease while we do that!

One of the biggest adjustments in our move was going from our 3 bedroom home to a studio-sized apartment. We put most of our possessions in storage, and I called my personal interior decorators (Fran and her mom) to come help me make this smaller space more livable.  I am so pleased with the results!

Check out these tips I recently learned on making the most of your space:

1. Be creative with your storage space

For me, this translated to shelves, shelves, and more shelves! Lyle’s (and Fran’s) mom and dad cut, painted, and hung these shelves for us all over our tiny apartment. Now we have a place to store our towels, dinnerware, spices, etc. without taking up anymore square feet.

I was also able to get use out of this green, Pier One Imports piece that I have had for nearly ten years. I have used it in so many ways such as in my closet storing shoes or purses, in our living room storing my school books, and now here, holding my sewing supplies. We love how it fits just perfectly under the counter top – again – no extra room being taken up here!

2. Add functionality to your space

This kitchen lacks a pantry, so we brought one to it thanks to Ikea’s Billy bookshelf. My mom-in-law painted the inside turquoise, and I love how it pops against the white shelving and wall. (Also,  notice that the wall has writing on it. That’s because there is dry erase paint on it! Can you read what Lyle wrote? We were being silly!)

3. Use stuff you would normally hide to add extra FRILLS to your space

Smaller spaces = being forced to show things you would normally have tucked away in that extra cabinet space. I made sure to keep the prettiest of my dry goods on display behind the glass  portion of our pantry door.

4. Be creative with your furniture

As obvious as it might sound now, Fran gave me a suggestion I would have never thought of. She dragged my chair to the center of the room and faced it towards the closest wall. She did this to cut off this portion of the room and in turn, created a living space that was non-existent before! Even though the entire space consists of essentially one room, I really feel like I am in a different area with the couch, chair, and ottomans set up this way.

5. Use a divider

I’ve never used a divider before, but Fran and Jordan let us borrow theirs. I love it! You can’t see any other part of the house from the bed and vice versa. I particularly love my little sewing space we created. It feels so cozy with the divider, rug, and lamp. Also, something that isn’t shown is the television. It’s mounted on the center wall so we can pull it out and turn it depending on if we are in the living area or if I am at my sewing machine. Very nice!

All in all, I’m really happy with our new, temporary space. It feels really good to downsize for a bit, and I’m very thankful to Fran and hers and Lyle’s mom for all of their help in making us feel at home. But what do y’all think? Did I miss anything? Got any good tips for making the most out of your space? Sound off in the comments!


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