Frilling House Renovations: Kitchen Before/During


As I mentioned on Friday, we closed on a home.  Finally!  It took us a long time to find the right house for us.  We knew we wanted a house we can live in for a good long while.  After two cross-country moves, we hope to remain in one spot for a few years. (We recently counted up: we’ve moved 9 times in the 9 years we’ve been married.) But choosing a long term house takes time, at least for two very choosy people, one of us a professional designer whose eye for detail is very well-developed, to say the least.  Finally, we settled on a late-70′s ranch-style home typical of this part of Texas, and hired a contractor to oversee some updates to the house.

I’m most excited about the kitchen, and it’s where the majority of the transformation is going to happen.  I have always been drawn to bright, white, open, light-filled kitchens, and am FRILLED to have the opportunity to transform this kitchen from a dark, closed-in room into something bright and open. Here’s a peak at the kitchen’s current state, in semi-demolition.  The floors were tile, but that’s gone now.

Ppopcorn ceilings, ugly white track lighting?  Outta there. And I know, a lot of people love black granite; to which I say: great, you can buy mine off Craig’s List. No offense.

And see that hole in the cabinet to the right of the ladder?  There was a double oven there. The top part of that wall is coming down, and we’ll keep a peninsula counter.   I found a single oven on Craig’s List to replace the double, and am hoping to break even when I sell the double.

You can see one of the walls is already mostly gone, awaiting a new beam to support the ceiling.  You can imagine how much more closed-in the kitchen felt when that wall and dark counter-top was still there.  Unfortunately we didn’t make it over there with a camera soon enough after closing to photograph the kitchen in its original state – our contractor was eager to get started and didn’t waste any time, which we’re glad of.

Our plans for the kitchen involve painting the cabinets white, changing out the cabinet doors and hardware, white stone counters, new backsplash (I’m in love with penny tile), some FRILLING light fixtures, and of course new flooring.   The small pantry is being expanded and reconfigured to accommodate the fridge (old fridge location was on the now-demo’d wall).  As I said, for now, most of the facelift is happening in the kitchen and main living area.  We’ll get around to bathrooms another year.

If you’re interested in inspiration images of all-white or mostly-white kitchens, check out my pinboard.


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