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Happy Thursday everyone! I am feeling happy and refreshed today. I hope y’all are, too!

I present to you my “even-though-it’s-been-over-a-year-i-still-feel-slightly-uncomfortable-and-silly-taking-outfit-photos” face. Yesterday I had to go back to Waco for a few short hours (we still own our house there, and it calls for visits from time-to-time; i’m not complaining!), so Chansin and I got to have some fun taking outfit photos just like the old days. You can check out all of youfrillme’s outfit posts here.

I’ve been feeling a bit preppy lately. From classic cardigans to brown leather detailing to loafers to a hint of nautical, I think it’s safe to say Kate Middleton and her American counterpart (Reese Witherspoon, duh) are having an influence on me. Today was one of those days.

Cardigan, skirt, purse, bracelet: J Crew Outlet / Necklaces: J Crew / Top: Madewell / Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Thanks for reading!

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