Frilling Closet Makeover: Jo Ann, Part 2


Happy Thursday everyone! Remember Part 1 of Jo Ann’s FRILLING closet makeover? Well, now to the fun part!

While going through Jo Ann’s wardrobe, she pointed out a few articles of clothing that she really loved, but either wasn’t sure how to wear or didn’t get enough use of. We made at least 3-4 outfits for each piece, and I snapped pics of Jo Ann with my point-and-shoot so that she could remember each look.

Before we get to those pieces, check out this outfit that does a great job of representing Jo Ann’s style:

I would describe Jo Ann’s style as classic and chic, with a little pop of trendy. Classic because nearly every article of clothing she owns has a timeless look and quality to it, chic because she tends to wear clothes with lots of clean, straight lines which add to her modern and elegant tendencies, and trendy because almost every outfit she wears has some sort current piece incorporated.

In this case her colored pants are super trendy, but the color isn’t too loud. Because of this, I imagine they will be in her closet a lot longer than some of my own neon pink pieces!

On it’s own, this bright orange cardigan is another timeless piece that Jo Ann will have for a long time coming, but paired with the bold teal pants, it adds to the bold and bright, neon, and color-blocking trends that are so popular right now.

One final word about Jo Ann’s style: she loves extra FRILLS. Almost all of her tops have some kind of detailing such as lace or added fabrics.

Now that we understand Jo Ann’s style, check out some of the looks we came up with using clothes she already owns: 

Look 1: the skirt

Jo Ann had one top that she always wore with the skirt, causing her to practically never wear this amazing gem! I mean, can you believe it? When I saw it, I said, “Jo Ann, this skirt might be one of the most versatile pieces you have in your closet. You can wear it with practically ANYTHING,” and then we proceeded to make four solid looks with it.

I love this look because paired with the scarf we were able to incorporate pattern mixing, which y’all know I’m a complete and total sucker for. We also paired this skirt with 4 different tops, three different cardigans, scarf and no scarf, belted over tops, and belted over cardigans. This skirt is so amazingly versatile because even though there is a pattern, the colors are neutral. This quiets the piece down, giving Jo Ann a palette ready for anything and everything.

Look 2: the dress

At one point, Jo Ann held up this dress saying how she really liked it, but didn’t really know what to do with it. We pretty much followed the same formula that we did with the skirt. Various cardigans and belts can make a huge difference! Sometimes no cardigan, sometimes no belt, sometimes a navy cardigan, sometimes a colored, skinny belt, etc., etc.

Not only can Jo Ann create many different looks with this dress, but this belt/cardigan combo is especially flattering to her figure. She actually wore this outfit on her first day back to work after our Saturday together. She told me she got lots of compliments!

Look 3: lace top

Once again a beloved piece that Jo Ann needed some advice on. This top is beautifully detailed, like most of her tops are. Sometimes, though, having that much detailing can make it confusing when styling because it adds a loudness that usually wouldn’t be present with a simple neutral top.

My advice to Jo Ann? Ignore it! She can wear this top with anything! Here, we paired it with her hot pink H&M pants and her animal-print sandals for some pattern mixing. I LOVE it! Perfect for a day of shopping or a night out with friends.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say we had a great time watching Jo Ann’s closet transform from a perfectly fine, gets-the-job done closet to one that is simply FRILLING and a joy to shop in!

Jo Ann’s take on the whole experience:

” Even though I always felt like my closet was somewhat organized before—looking at those pics, I can see that it looks chaotic, and it is so much more peaceful and harmonious now!”

Thanks, Jo Ann! You really are one FRILLING fashionista!

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