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Hi everyone! I have some pretty exciting news to share today! Next week we will be holding our very first giveaway on the blog, and boy are we excited about it! You’ll have to check back between now and next week to find out exactly what it is, but I’ll give you a hint: it has to do with fashion!

So, in honor of this first giveaway, I thought I’d attempt to throw up some fun fashion posts between now and then. This post is inspired by a favorite fashion blog of ours, Wendy’s Lookbook. Probably the biggest thing I have taken away from Wendy is the magic of tailoring.

You can really maximize your current wardrobe by having alterations done to pieces you already own. Or if you see something you love, but is still lacking, snatch it up and have a tailor recreate it for you!

I realized this summer that there were a couple of dresses in particular I had stopped wearing over the years. Still, they were quality pieces that I really didn’t want to get rid of quite yet. They just needed a little updating, so off I went to have them altered. Check it out:

DRESS 1: The Before: 

I think this dress was just fine before. The problem was, I wasn’t getting any use out of it. I was simply never wearing it anymore.

The After: 

I asked the tailor to shorten the dress and to make the traditionally styled sleeves capped. You can’t really tell that they are capped here because as I move around, it creates more of a sleeveless look. I love the update because it’s fun, fresh, and cool, which is perfect for those super-hot Texas summers. FRILLING!


DRESS 2: The Before: 

I love this dress and have had it for years. I wore it to our dress rehearsal when we got married five years ago, and I’m pictured here (from a few years ago) at a Christmas banquet. However, it has gone years without wear because as my style has evolved I began to realize that it’s simply just not me. It just felt too long for a girl of my height. (5’1).

The After: 

I decided to create a LBD (little black dress) since I currently have nothing in my closet that fits this description. For me a good LBD is just that.. little. The former, more classic length didn’t fit my needs, but I’m really excited and happy with the changes. Now my legs are elongated, and I feel taller and overall, more frilling, in this dress.

Still, I don’t think it’s always worth it to have existed clothes altered. My advice is to only have a piece tailored if it’s a nicer, quality article of clothing that will continue to be functional in your closet for years to come. Let’s face it, tailoring ain’t cheap, y’all!

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