September EBEW: My “Back to School” look


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Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s a little ironic that the EBEW theme is “back to school” on my first September NOT having to actually go back to school. I decided to create a fun back-to-school look anyway, inspired by Meg Ryan’s character in When Harry Met Sally. 

Fran and I had a movie night recently, and we were absolutely FRILLED by most of Sally’s looks. It was a fun movie to watch because as it chronicled Harry and Sally’s relationship, we got to watch different styles emerge from different years. I was especially taken to Sally’s look in the 70s:

Inspired by this look, I created a look with a similar vibe (preppy school girl?), but that is more current and true to my own, personal style.

Two key factors in this look are my Urban Outfitters black mini skirt that I’ve had for going on three years (similar style here). I also have this one in magenta. These two skirts have been one of the biggest staples in my closet. I have remixed them in at least a  jillion different ways by now. And they are still going strong!

Another highlight of this look are these Mary Jane-esque heels from the Clark Indigo line, a gift from my mom-in-law. They are especially comfortable and super versatile. I love that they are both professional and chic. One day, if I can ever find a job, I’ll be able to wear them with EVERYTHING.

Cardigan and socks: J Crew Factory / Top: Zara / Skirt: Urban Outfitters / Bag: J Crew / Shoes: Clarks / Beads: Thrifted

What would your back-to-school look be like?

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