Frilling Maternity Style + Cardigans 101


Whew! 37 weeks tomorrow!  Come on baby!

Frilling fashion is no easy task these days.  Mostly I want to wear yoga pants.  But I resist the urge unless I’m planning on staying home all day (or actually going to yoga).  This is an outfit I put together last week, which Aurelia insisted we should photograph.  The most frilling part is that none of the pieces are actually maternity; they’re just regular pieces that happen to work despite the fact that I am huge.

(Blue dress: from a boutique in Ruston, LA I can’t remember the name of/ tube top: same boutique / cardigan: Zara, last year / flats: Born)

Recently my friend Katie and I were having a discussion about cardigans.  She was telling me that she has no cardigans, and I was telling her that I was horrified and mystified as to how one can get dressed without them.  Because in my opinion, cardigans are wardrobe workhorses: the ultimate layering piece.  Well, Katie, I give you the Best Cardigan Ever.  MVP of cardigans, this is it.  The long, neutral-colored, light-weight one that goes with everything, and in cooler months gets worn at least twice a week.  This one is from Zara last year; Aurelia first had it in navy, and I liked it so much I went and got the taupey-gray-brown one.

If, like my friend Katie, you have no cardigans, I recommend starting with the Frilling Four: two long (past butt-crease length) and two short (waist length).  I think that three of the four should be versatile, neutral colors, like my taupey-gray or navy blue or black or heather gray or wheat-colored; and one of the waist-length ones should be a bright color that works well with your wardrobe, maybe cobalt, red, or plum.  I recommend your Frilling Four be lighter in weight, so you can get more year-round wear with them (in chilly months you can layer them with tees, blouses, and jackets). As your collection grows, you can add more brights as needed.   For summer-weight cardigans, Aurelia and I are both huge fans of the Jackie cardigan from JCrew, which we generally pick up at factory outlet sales.

So, what are your thoughts on cardigans?  Are you like me and can’t get dressed without them?  Do you agree with my Frilling Four starter recommendation? Or do you have another MVP layering piece you rely on?

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