Gifts for the Post-Partum Mama


The other day I went to visit a friend who has a sweet, snuggly newborn.  I brought dinner, but the visit got me thinking about other fun things to pamper a post-partum mama that I wish I could have brought over.  New moms are often blissfully happy but tired, sore, and a bit overwhelmed, and they might need a little extra TLC.  What better than a frilling little giftie for the postpartum mum in your life?

1. Post-partum tummy-friendly yet stylish lounge pants
2. A cozy throw
3. A lovely bauble
4. Trendy polish
5. Texas lavender candle
6. Frilling fuzzy slippers
7. Obvs, only if she’s nursing

When I have a newborn, I like things quiet and calm around the house; not a lot of commotion or visitors or noise.  For me, it’s a pretty vulnerable and precious bonding time that I like to keep sacred. I’m an introvert, and I like to deal with major life changes like the birth of a new child in a quiet way.  But for other more extroverted mamas, it’s a time for visits and family gatherings and food and a birthday party.  Different strokes for different folks, but regardless of the mama’s style I think it’s important to be sensitive to what she may be going through physically, emotionally, hormonally, etc.

If you’re a mama, what’s your style: do you like a party around a new baby, or are you like me and want to hibernate for a bit?

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