A frilling tea party: the spread


A few weeks ago, Fran’s mom and I hosted a lovely tea party to celebrate the future arrival of my newest niece (come on Baby T.; we’re ready for ya!).

We served a variety of different teas, such as English breakfast tea, which was served in this beautiful silver tea service Fran and Lyle’s mom inherited from her mom years ago. We all sipped on tea, enjoyed cool weather and the company of fabulous women, and for a morning, allowed ourselves to feel a little more fancy than we usually are.

We decorated the table with fall decor: autumn-colored flowers and miniature pumpkins, and we served all kinds of little treats one might find at a tea.  It was the ONLY weekend so far this fall where it was cold enough to wear a jacket. It was the perfect day for a tea party.

We had cucumber cream cheese as well as olive and nut tea sandwiches. Yum, YUM:

We had blueberry and lemon poppy seed scones with strawberry jam, and we even scoured the city to find traditional clotted cream:

We served grapes and a variety of sliced apples and cheeses:

We had lemon bars, too (recipe here):

I baked tea cakes from scratch using Paula Deen’s highly rated recipe. I even tasted a bite of one even though they weren’t gluten free. They were very tasty indeed:

A lady from Fran’s church brought  this baby-carriage themed cake she whipped up! How sweet and thoughtful!

We had such a fun time planning a creative and beautiful celebration. Baby T. isn’t even here yet, but she sure is loved. Sometimes the small, but FRILLING extras in life can be the most gentlest reminders of love. I think we may start having tea parties more often. Stay tuned for more sneak peaks of the party planning!

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