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Prepare yourself for a long post! Now that Fall has arrived in Texas in weather and not just in name, I am excited about seeing some of Fall’s most frilling trends on people and in stores as the holiday season approaches. As always, I’ve been drooling over some beautiful pieces (and photos) from some of my favorite fashion blogs. Please join me!


Bold, bright colors are still going strong this fall, so don’t be afraid to rock your neon! BUT navy and especially burgundy are the big colors for this fall. For two shades I have never favored, I’m surprised at how quickly and willing I am to jump on this bandwagon.

From Atlantic-Pacific:

From Wendy’s Lookbook: 

From My Style Pill:

From Eat Sleep Wear:


Brocade, Tweed, and Velvet

Heavy, substantial, traditional, even ornate – these classic materials are totally IN, and while I’m not convinced quite yet that I’ll partake (not sure how timeless these trendy pieces would be in my wardrobe), they are proving to be very enjoyable as eye candy for me. So maybe don’t be too surprised if you catch me in velvet pants sooner than later…

From Atlantic-Pacific:

From Wendy’s Lookbook:

Notice the burgundy?

From This Time Tomorrow:

Leather Detailing

Whether it’s an extra leather ruffle to a black skirt, the sleeves of your jacket or your blazer’s lapels, take a trip to your tailor, and add some leather detailing to FRILL things up. Or buy something new if you dare!

From Eat Sleep Wear:

From Wendy’s Lookbook:

From Brooklyn Blonde (and check out the burgundy!!)

Prints: Plaid, Gingham, and Animal Print

Animal prints are still going strong (Fran says animal print is timeless). Meanwhile, gingham and plaids with an emphasis on flannel are making major headway this fall.

From Atlantic-Pacific:

From This Time Tomorrow:

From Wendy’s Lookbook:

Also, don’t forget to check out Fran’s post from Monday if you haven’t already. Statement necklaces (specifically bib necklaces) are IN and in a big way! What do you think of the major trends this Fall? Anything you can’t stand or are dying to have?

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