Structure, color, and a giveaway hint


HINT: Tomorrow’s giveaway will have something to do with the origins of this necklace I’m wearing. Can you guess what it might be? I suggest you get excited!!

Lately I’ve been having fun playing with different types of structures and colors. For instance, this top and skirt both have a wide, boxy kind of fit, and I am loving the chic look it creates. I am starting to realize just how much women tend to want to wear clothing that is form-fitting. I’ve personally always been a fan of extra-drapey stuff, but then again, I’m also very petite and don’t have much to show off anyway.

My natural inclination was to tuck this top in, but I couldn’t resist the structured lines created by both top and bottom when it was out.

I also played with color-blocking by layering cream colors on top and dark colors below the knee. I wanted my skirt to be the focal point with extra pops of pink on my wrist and lips.

Cardigan: Gap Body / Top: H&M / Skirt and knee highs: J Crew / Boots: Blowfish / Pink Bangle, Chain link bracelet, bow ring: J Crew / Lips: MAC (“Girl About Town”)¬†

This is probably going to sound silly, but I like what I wear to represent a colorful palette of the creativity I have to offer the world. I try to make everything I do (including  everything I wear) frilling and purposeful.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for news on our latest giveaway and a big announcement!

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