Frilling Fashionista: Tracee’s Chic Details


My friends, this is Tracee.

Cousin Tracee.  Cousin Tracee came for a visit over the holidays and let me photograph her in the Frilling outfit she was wearing; although, she’s Frilling every time I see her — this is just a sample of her Frillingness. She’s actually Jordan’s cousin, but I claim her.  She’s mine, I tell you!  I mean, wouldn’t you want to be related to someone so chic? Not only does she have great taste, but she also lives in Brooklyn (NY!) and works for this ministry organization, and is overall a swell gal.  Which makes her a Triple Frill.

The outfit is pretty basic in concept and very wearable: jeans, boots, top, cardigan — the ultimate timeless fall/winter uniform.  It’s the details that are so pretty and interesting and thoughtful, and, I think, the hallmark of Tracee’s style.  Starting with the jeans, which are both printed and burgundy, two of this season’s best trends. They’re also skinny-straight (I like JCrew’s “Matchstick” description for this style), and cropped perfectly above the boot at the ankle.

Moving on to the long cardigan, also burgundy for a monochromatic palette; and the black silky hip-length top.  The top actually has a really nice boxy shape that I didn’t capture in the photos…

Grounding the look with a pair of killer low-heeled boots…  (Burgundy denim + cognac leather = divine. )

And topped with pitch-perfect, thoughtfully chosen accessories: an abstract floral scarf, dangly bow-tie earrings, a chunky statement ring, an interesting mixed-metal necklace, and a menswear watch.

Jeans: The Loft / Top: JC Penney / Cardigan: Target / Boots: Chelsea Crew / Ring: Nordstrom Rack / Watch: Fossil / Necklace: Birdhouse Jewelry / Scarf: Urban Outfitters

Tracee had this to say…

On shopping:
“I love shopping, but I also love finding a bargain. I will splurge on shoes if needed, they must be cute and comfy…I live in NYC and I am always on my feet! I also see a lot of expressions of style throughout this city — some I like, some I don’t! While I have always loved clothes and shoes, I have come to appreciate fashion even more while living in new york. For a woman who enjoys shopping, it becomes very difficult living in NYC on a budget, since there are lots of clothes to choose from and always somewhere to find them.”

On her personal style:
“If I see something I really like, I will make it work for me. I am relatively aware of trends, but don’t just dress by them. I love shoes, so I often pick the shoes first and then build around them. I love skinny jeans or jeggings and cardigans. I’m also a fan of dresses, but it’s winter right now and I can’t imagine wearing one! I enjoy taking simple pieces and adding some flare. I love jewelry, but typically simple pieces. My style is sometimes described as a preppy hipster or prep with some flare.”

The thing about fashion on a budget is that you have to really think through what you’re going to spend your resources on and be intentional, which I think can make for a better overall wardrobe.  At least it does for Tracee. I can’t decide on my favorite part of this outfit. It’s so well curated. I love everything.  What’s your favorite piece?

Thanks Tracee!  Your chic-ness Frills us!


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