Postpartum Style: Hooded Scarf + “Momiform”


I knitted this scarf a couple years ago.  It was my first major knitting project after learning to knit hats.  It’s knitted in a somewhat complicated lacework pattern.  I love to bring it out when it’s chilly.  The baby alpaca yarn is deliciously soft and cozy.  And guess what…

It has a hood!

This outfit is a pretty much my daily uniform (“Momiform” as Shana likes to say) these days: jeggings, a nursing tank, a nursing-and-pooch-friendly button-up or drapey shirt, boots or flats, plus accessories.

I find having a uniform, especially in the postpartum days, immensely useful.  Of all the stages of motherhood, postpartum is the hardest to dress for in my opinion.  The post-baby bod is just….weird. Proportions are different, nursing boobs are bigger, waistline is thicker (although I’m making headway on that), and time and energy for dressing are at a premium.  A uniform that is at least somewhat stylish, that you can throw on in a hurry after you hopefully got a shower and before everyone is awake and wanting to be fed… can do wonders for your day.   I’m not gonna lie; I’d love to be wearing adorable dresses and tights and skirts on a daily basis, but I gotta be where I am.  And that is in jeggings, most likely wearing a child strapped to my body.

Regardless of my style limitations at this point in my life, I can still wear Frilling accessories like my hooded scarf, a cool bracelet, a fabulous bag, and comfy-yet-stylish wedge booties.  These Toms booties have been a gem of my postpartum wardrobe this season. And the bracelets were some of my fave Christmas gifts.

top: Stylemint / jeggings: Athleta / nursing tank: GlamourMom / booties: Toms / scarf: handmade / shades: Aldo / cuff bracelet: Baublebar / brass infinity bracelet: MasloJewelry / tote: Madewell

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