Frilling Friday: Project in Progress


We have this random cubby-like space in our house, just off the fireplace room.  It used to be a wet bar, complete with 80′s-tastic mirrored shelving.  That promptly went the way of the eight-track.  We have little use for a wet bar separate from the kitchen, and would rather make a better use of the space for our family’s daily operations.

Since we moved in, it has just been blank space, sitting dormant, waiting for me to decide how best to utilize it (and to actually have time/energy to execute a plan).  I spent last weekend painting some old office furniture; a desk I’ve had for many years, a file cabinet my mom wasn’t using, and a cubby-organizer thingy.  Because I’ve finally decided to make it a home office space (aka You Frill Me headquarters). Here it is now in a disorganized mess.

I’m going to ditch the big brown desk; it cramps the space too much.  We are thinking of installing a sturdy desk-height shelf to make an L-shaped configuration. But still mulling over how best to make the space pleasant, uncluttered, and harmonious.  And of course, FRILLING.   I’m hoping for pretty shelving, a cool vintage-y chair, some fun wall art, and good task lighting.  My budget for this project is pretty much nonexistent, so I’ll have to find some time for thrifting.

Meanwhile I’ve been pinning inspirational small offices and organization.  Got any ideas?


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