50 Classics for Your Closet


Have you seen Matchbook Magazine?

I’m loving their list of 50 classic pieces for the stylish gal’s closet.  (go here for a larger look.) I think most of their picks are right on.  With these items, you can go pretty much anywhere, in pretty much any weather.

A few things I’d change:
a) I dislike khaki pants.  I would substitute white jeans for these.
b) I’d add a pair of classic black leggings.
c) rain boots.  Like Hunter’s.
d) I’d lose the polo shirt.  ick, I hate polo shirts. They make me think of golf.
e) a classic gold bangle or cuff bracelet.  I have one, and it’s my signature piece.
f) I’m not sure about the denim jacket.  Maybe I’d opt for a moto-style jacket instead…

Otherwise, I think it’s a great list, and I’m going to use it as I continue to curate my wardrobe.  You can view Matchbook’s checklist here.

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What do you think?  What pieces would be on your own “50 Classics” list?


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