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So, I’m planning to buy one pair of sandals this spring.  And it’s my birthday soon (hello, 31, and may you bestow upon me a mantle of wisdom) and new sandals have been my request, along with a box of non-GMO Cinnamon Toast Crunch analog all to myself no stealers. Oh, and a mani-pedi.  Fellas, a mani-pedi never comes amiss.  Anyway, here in Texas we get a lot of wear out of our sandals. Like 3/4′s of the year it’s sandals weather.  So sandals are waaaay more important of an investment than boots. (This is the reason I did not purchase a killer pair of tall boots this past season that tempted me in a major way, and which I went so far as to buy then return in favor of my Tom’s wedge booties that I didn’t figure would make me sweat so much, and which, to my credit, I’m still wearing in April.  Plus, I’m over the tall-boots-with-skinnies thing, even though it may be just me. So there.)

Last year these Blue Dansko’s came to live with me.  And I looooooove them.  With serious, pregnant-mama-comfort (then, not now.  oh no don’t even mention the p-word to me.), wear-with-everything kind of crazy love.  I tell you I wore these babies with everything: dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, yoga pants.  Yes I did.  And they will not be resting this year either.  But.  Occasionally the blue clashes with something or other and I find myself needing another pair of super-comfies in a more neutral color, even though the blue is pretty damn versatile.  So, I’m on the hunt. I’m mainly looking in the brown family, but haven’t ruled out black, gray, navy, or nude.  My comfort standards are fairly stinking high: must be suitable for baby-wearing, dance parties, park outings, and church;  a tall order, I grant you.

First off on my try-on list (mainly because I have a $40 credit at the Clark’s store):
Clark’s Caslynn Paula:


Dansko’s Tasha.  If these are as comfy as my darling Blues, I will be a happy camper.

I also like Dansko’s Sandi:

Sanita Dawn:

These Swedish Hasbeens are too cute and classic to ignore:

What am I missing?  What else should I try?  Sandals are a big deal, and I don’t drop bucks on crap to clutter up my closet with, as much as Target tempts me. I have learned that $20 does not buy me love. So weigh in, if you will.  Size 38cm if you wish to gift. Just throwin’ that out there happy birthday to me.

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