In Progress: House Curation


I have pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it’s going to take me a year or two to get my house like I want it.  We have lived here since August – so about 9 months, during which a baby arrived – and I still look around and see so many projects I want to do.  Like screen in the back porch.  Acquire the perfect chair for the living room.  Find a few fabulous pieces of art.  But the fact is, I have to go slowly. I live in my house all day every day and I want to love it.  I want it to suit our aesthetic.  I want it to feel right. And even if I weren’t one who has to ruminate on things before I know what I want, I still am bound by budget and time constraints.

If only my house looked like this.

I have made some small progress, however…

…finally on the verge of getting my pillow collections right….

Do you have a hard time finding pillows you love? I feel like I hunt and hunt.

…accessorizing a teensy bit…

…and making progress in my office cubby.  Remember what it used to look like?  An improvement, no? Not 100%, but vastly better…

Sometimes I wish I could be like my friend Kate whose house is absolutely 100% gorgeous and totally HER, about 24 hours after she moves in, despite the fact that she has her hands full with three kids.  Alas, that is not me.  I’m a brooder, people.  I have to mull things over.

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