Colored Tights: Add some color to a rainy day


I can’t even believe it, but we appear to be having a rainy day here in Texas making this month’s EBEW theme perfect for adding some cheer to a dreary day! I have been excited about colored tights for a while now, thanks to an old post of Fran’s (she’s great at spotting the seasonal trends) as well as the fact that everyone seems to be wearing and selling them. 

I knew American Apparel would be the place to go if I wanted my pick of colored tights, and I was right! They had it all, but I chose this violently HOT pink! I also have some mustard tights I have really been enjoying thanks to Target (they have a bunch of colored tights for $5 a piece right now, so check it out!). 

This fall/winter season is going to be a fun one with knee high socks and colored tights in the picture! 

Are you bold enough to rock colored tights? What’s your favorite color to wear?

- Aurelia

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